Port Orleans Brewing Co., New Orleans, LA Report #391

I’m a long time die hard Saints fan. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Saints are our National Football League team here in New Orleans. And one of their former players, named Zach Strief, is part owner of this place. He was a great player and a great guy, so I’ve been wanting to patronize this brewery for some time now.

That being said, it is a brewery and I don’t drink. If I did though, I’d be spending a lot more time here! You can see the big brewing tanks in the back through the windows in the dining room. A table of four next to ours all ordered a beer flight. It looked so beautiful I had to snap a picture. You can see some of the different colors of their brews. Here’s a link if you’re interested in seeing their drink offerings —-> https://portorleansbrewingco.com/on-tap/

I’ve heard good things about the food too and that’s what we were here for. We decided on:

*************** THE FOOD ***************

Street Corn & Queso
Guac and shrimp with chips and John Wayne Quesadilla
Californian Fish Taco and Steakhouse Beef Taco

The chicken wings were great, and what made them even better was the dipping sauce. I like my sauce like my women. Cheesy. I can’t stand it when I get a blue cheese sauce that’s like a bland mayonnaise base with a chunk of blue cheese here and there. I spread some on a wing and took the picture on the right to try and show that the sauce itself had a nice blue tint all the way through it. And a delicious blue cheese flavor. I couldn’t get enough of it! That being said if you don’t like blue cheese, be sure you ask for ranch or something.

My dining partner didn’t like the street corn. She said it had too tart a flavor to it, like they had sprinkled lime juice or something on it. I tried it and thouhgt it was yummy! But I’m a lot different than her. By reading my blogs you probably have fiured out I’m a VERY sweet person. So sweet in fact, I can use a little acidity now and then to balance me out. That’s probably why I liked it.

Green chili queso and chips, thumbs up.

We got the guacamole and chips topped with shrimp remoulade and corn salsa. I reccomend getting it that way. Fantastic.

My dining partner had the John Wayne pork quesadilla. I was able to steal a taste. Very good.

I had the Californian mahi mahi (fish) taco and the Steakhouse beef taco. Both were great but I liked the fish better. The fish was in the shape of a fish stick, but it will be the best fish stick you ever had!

Being a brewery I’m glad to see the food isn’t an afterthought. Really great lunch here today. I recommend the place!

4124 Tchoupitoulas St., New Orleans, LA 70015 Ph: 504-266-2332

Blaine 7-3-2021

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