Frankie & Johnny’s, New Orleans, LA Report #392

Located a stones throw from the Mississippi river, this place has been around since 1942. That’s a long time! I bet the sign hanging in front is older than me. Cozy place. When you walk in the first thing you see is the bar. If I lived in the neighborhood and was a drinker, I could see myself walking in sober as a judge, spending half the night socializing, then stumbling home falling down a couple times.

There’s also pictures of numerous sports figures on the walls, most of whom I’m assuming visited the place in the past. One of the better known ones I noticed was Joe Namath. Even though the Saints were my team growing up, I was a fan of his. I remember being in awe seeing him in person at a Saints game when I was kid. I asked about his visits to the restaurant, and was told he was a regular, that regularly knocked back a LOT of booze in the place!

Enough small talk. Food time. We ordered:

%%%%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%%%%

The onions rings were perfect. Nice size slices of onion fried crisp in a nicely seasoned batter. Truly everything I’d expect out of an onion ring.

The seafood gumbo was also good. Right color and consistency with a decent amount of ingredients.

I was a little disappointed in the roast beef poboy. There was a good bit of beef and it was very tender and tasty, but there was hardly any gravy on the sandwich. You can see how dry the plate is. I only needed ONE paper towel to eat it. Any New Orleanian will know how truly unsatisfactory that is!

The seafood platter was delicious. Everything was fried and seasoned well and the potato salad we ordered was tasty. For the price though, I felt there could have been more on seafood on the plate.

Then there was the bread pudding. Outstanding! A little too sweet for my dining partners taste, but I loved it. And one of my main complaints with bread pudding (beside raisins in it) is not enough sauce. No problem there. It came swimming in a delicious sauce.

Our service here for lunch today could have been better, but overall we enjoyed ourselves. We’ll be back!

321 Arabella St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: 504-243-1234

Blaine 7-5-2021


Back in for lunch today. Tried the crab cake appetizer and an oyster poboy.

&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&

The crab “cake” was more of a deep fried stuffed crab patty. But whatever you want to call it, it was good! Even though it wasn’t jumbo lump, there was plenty of crabmeat in it. Seasoned well with a nice crabby flavor.

The poboy was delicious. Dressed nicely, good fresh French bread, and a decent amount of crisp fried oysters.

Great lunch today.

321 Arabella St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: 504-243-1234

Blaine 12-29-2022


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