Barrow’s Catfish, New Orleans, LA Report #394

This place is synonymous in New Orleans with fried catfish. It was originally opened in 1943 at a different location, and initially they only served fried catfish and potato salad. That menu expanded, but hurricane Katrina closed them down in 2005. After a long hiatus, they reopened at this location.

Long ago (I’m talking the last century) I had dined at the old location and loved it. Last year I mentioned I had to try their new location. Santa Clause apparently heard me, and for Christmas I got a gift card! Took me long enough to get here to use it, so I just considered this my Christmas in July.

We decided on:

(((((((((( THE FOOD! ))))))))))

The gumbo was very good! Great flavor and ample ingredients.

My dining partner had the crawfish pasta. She actually let me have a taste without a fight! It was delicious. And loaded with crawfish. And so much food she couldn’t finish it.

Same with my fried catfish and shrimp plate. Even though the catfish was utterly delicious, there was no way I could eat the amount they gave me! You definitely won’t leave this place hungry. And I see why they’re known for their fried catfish. Probably the best I’ve ever had.

The service was great, the food was excellent, but then we hit a snag when I went to pay the bill. Our waitress told us their system currently wasn’t accepting their gift cards. So I couldn’t use a gift card for their restaurant, that had been purchased at their restaurant. That has never happened to me anywhere else ever.

So if you decide to dine here, and happen to have a gift card, be sure they’ll honor it at the beginning of the meal.

8300 Earhart Blvd., New Orleans, LA 70118 Ph: 504-265-8995

Blaine 7-10-2021

6 thoughts on “Barrow’s Catfish, New Orleans, LA Report #394

  1. Many thanks, LOVE their fish but — wow, what a bittersweet experience! I hope you’ll be able to use the card at a future date. If not, I don’t know what to think about the place now.

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    1. I wasn’t thinking but I still had the card in the envelope with the receipt. I should have said if your system can’t honor your own gift card, here’s my receipt. Give me my money back. But think about it. Say if I was kind of broke and said we won’t be dining out this weekend, but then remembered, “Hey! We’ve got a gift card”! So we went there to eat with just that $50 card and $10 bucks in my pocket. How would that have turned out?


      1. Ha! Absolutely right. I do think there *was* a way they could have accommodated you and your gift card (that the restaurant already got paid for.) And right, if you had no money, I think they most definitely would have figured out a way to make it work.

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