American Sports Saloon, New Orleans, LA Report #395

Normally, there’s no way I’d end up at a sports bar in the French Quarter. But way back in Report #334 I explained how I get reward points for hotel stays for dining at certain restaurants. I got an email (2nd picture above), telling me I’d get 500 bonus points for spending $30 at this joint. The way I eat spending thirty bucks is a given!

This place is located in a good spot to take advantage of the tourist trade. It’s only a block away from the French Market, and a short walk to the Café du Monde and Jackson Square.

My dining partner is a popcorn fanatic. She’ll order the biggest tub at the movies and eat the whole thing! And amazingly they have popcorn on the menu. So we ordered our lunch in THIS ORDER. That’s important. A bag of popcorn, boudin balls, the crawfish dip fries, and a couple of All American Burgers.

%%% THE FOOD! %%%

I put the pictures up in the order we received the food. We were sitting there just saying we should have at least gotten the popcorn by now, when our waiter comes out with the burgers! Apparently he realized we were looking at him funny, so he said, “I’ll check on the kitchen about the rest of y’all stuff”. I said, “Well, we were expecting our STARTERS first”! He apologized.

And I should mention besides being our waiter, he was also the bartender, and apparently everything else to this place. He was working his butt off! As busy as he was he did a good job.

The burgers were fantastic. Mine was medium and my dining partners was well, but both were nice and juicy. The ground meat patty had a great flavor.

The popcorn connoisseur said the popcorn was really good. The boudin balls were too. They came with ranch though, instead of a sweet chili sauce like the menu said. I just realized that.

Our waiter told us they didn’t have the crawfish dip for the fries. I was going to cancel the fries altogether but my dining partner overruled me. That happens often. She said we’d just take them plain, and requested them extra crispy. Our waiter said the fries were hand cut and really good.

Well, I thought they were good, but they weren’t extra crispy. As long as they’re plain, unbattered had cut potatoes and hot, I’m happy!

Even though our dinner came out totally out of order, I’d definitely come back here! Nice atmosphere and great burgers.

1200 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70116 Ph: 504-300-1782

Blaine 7-11-2021


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