Apolline, New Orleans, LA Report #396

The COOLinary 2021 season is here in New Orleans! It normally starts in August, but started early this year and will last later than normal. Participating restaurants do special lunch and dinner menus at a set price. For a full explanation and participating restaurants and menus, check out this website: Coolinary New Orleans | Official Site

The list of restaurants is in alphabetical order. I started at the top and started going down the list looking at menus. As you can see, I didn’t make it out of the A’s before I saw one I had to try! So I came in here tonight.

This restaurant is obviously in what used to be in an old New Orleans shotgun double house. Looks tiny from the outside but a good bit of space inside. If you’re coming here I’d still make reservations.

The regular menu looks great, but I came in for the COOLinary menu. I decided on:

%$%$%$%$%$%$ THE FOOD %$%$%$%$%$%$

First off, it doesn’t look like a lot of food in the pictures, but it was substantial! In fact, I didn’t finish the second course because I wanted to leave some room for dessert. I left this place stuffed!

The gnocchi was very good. I have no doubt some people would feel the lemon basil cream sauce was a little tart, but I loved it. Reason being I’m a very sweet person, and I often need a little acidity to balance me out.

The veal dish was delicious. The meat was nice and tender, seasoned well and panned perfectly. Also, I eat healthy all week, so on weekends I don’t want to see a lot of greenery on my plate! They gave me the perfect amount of broccoli rabe, which was also cooked perfectly. A nice crisp/tender.

The flourless cake was everything flourless cake should be! Dense and not too sweet. Excellent.

Delicious dinner for my first COOLinary meal of the season. I will be back to try the regular menu soon!

4729 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: 504-894-8881

Blaine 7-16-2021

6 thoughts on “Apolline, New Orleans, LA Report #396

  1. I first tried gnocchi just a few years ago. We have an Italian restaurant in our small city and he makes everything homemade…it was like a symphony in my mouth!
    I see great eating in your near future with that going on!

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