Aztecas Restaurant & Cantina, Gulfport, MS Report #399

This place is located right on U.S. Hwy. 49, which is the main Gulfport, MS, exit, just a little south of Interstate 10. So if you’re passing through Gulfport on I-10 and get the hankering for some Mexican food, you can drop off the interstate, hit this place right quick, then be back on your way with a belly full of good Mexican food!

Nice looking place, with some covered and uncovered outdoor seating. We decided on:

$$$$$ THE FOOD $$$$$

The chips, salsa and small queso we ordered were very good. The chips were hot and fresh, and kind of stout. The kind that don’t break easily when you use them to scoop up some dip.

The chicharrones were ok. They were basically the type you’d buy in a plastic bag at a supermarket, but what made them a step above was they were served hot. Like they had just been fried. The guacamole they were served with was delicious. Decent dish but I wouldn’t order it again. I’d just rather have the guac with some of those chips.

My dining partner had the beef quesadilla. She really enjoyed it. She said the rice and beans were also yummy.

I had the dish called an Arrachera. A prime marinated skirt steak accompanied by three cheese enchilladas.

This dish was delicious! The steak was juicy, unbelievably flavorful, and very tender. And three cheese enchiladas happen to be the PERFECT side for a steak! Remember that. In the future forget baked potatoes, sautéed mushroom, spinach au gratin or any of that foolishness! No matter where you are next time you order a steak, TELL them you want three cheese enchiladas on the side! And don’t accept any backtalk!

Great place. I recommend it!

9400 US Hwy. 90, Gulfport, MS, 39503 Ph: 228-265-7263

Blaine 7-25-2021

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