Dodge’s, Gulfport, MS Report #401

I wondered if I should do a report on this place. After all, the title of this blog is Blaine’s RESTAURANT Report. At first glance you’d think this was a gas station/convenience store. And you’d be right. But they do prepare food onsite and you can sit in here and eat it (just not today I learned), so technically it’s a restaurant too! The last time I was in here they made pizzas to order, but not anymore.

I first learned about this pace when I worked on the nearby Navy base. Every now and then someone would ask where everyone was going to lunch that day, and pretty often someone would say, “Dodge’s”. The first time I heard that I asked, “The gas station”? And I was told they’ve got some pretty good food there.

When you walk in you’ll see this lovely display of hot food. I love their fried chicken. They even have smoked turkey legs! Their dinner combos come with these potato wedge things called JoJos (third pic below), which I hate. That’s about the only thing here that I do hate. The variety of frozen and other fountain drinks they have here is fantastic.

Smoked Turkey Legs

JoJos and battered Fries

My dining partner ordered the spicy wings with mac n cheese instead of JoJos (she hates them too), and a fried apple pie. I got a two piece fried chicken dinner with mashed potatoes, two pizza sticks, and a fried strawberry and cream cheese pie.

*********** THE FOOD ***********

After we oredred our food I walked to the back of the store and noticed all the chairs up on the tables. The dining area was closed due to the pandemic. I was starving to death and wanted that food in my stomach immediately! Since it was about 95 degrees outside, sitting on the ground in the parking lot was out of the question, so I had to go through the torture of drivng back to the hotel to eat in our room.

Not pictured is a delicious looking corndog my dining partner ate right in front of my face while I drove back. She laughed at me maniacally.

Everything was good! The fried chicken has more like a batter than a crust on it. Very crisp and seasoned really well.

The pizza sticks are filled with pizza sauce, cheese, and diced pepperoni. They taste like those little pizza roll things you buy in the frozen section of the supermarket. Brings back fond memories of high school, when I’d eat those things by the dozen.

I also love those fried pies. They’re really crispy and the filling is very good.

So if you stop here don’t just gas your car up. Grab a bite to eat too!

2914 25th Ave., Gulfport, MS 39501 Ph: 228-241-1400

Blaine 7-26-2021

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