Arnaud’s, New Orleans, LA Report #400

When I started doing this blog as a hobby I never thought I’d get to report #400. Actually, considering hardly anyone reads these things, it’s still just that. A hobby. But I enjoy doing it! And hopefully it brings a little joy to the 6 or 7 people who read it.

Long ago I figured I’d feature an old, well known New Orleans restaurant every 100th report. Antoine’s was #100. Commanders Palace was #200 and Galatoires was #300. One thing these restaurants have in common is they’re all over 100 years old.

Keeping in line with that theme, I decided on Arnaud’s for report #400. Opened in 1918 by a French wine salesman named Arnaud Cazenave, the place is still going strong. I guess that means they’re doing something right! Funny, it just hit me. There was a pandemic the year they opened, and there’s one going on now when I’m visiting them for the first time. Ain’t that something?

If you’re walking down Bourbon St., they’re located right on the corner of Bourbon and Bienville. The main entrance is on Bienville street, a little off of Bourbon. The restaurant is huge with numerous dining rooms. Pictured is just the one I was seated in.

When I looked at their menus, everything looked so good I knew deciding what to order was going to be hard. Their menus can be found here –> But then I saw they offered a six course tasting menu. I figured that was the way to go. And since I’m greedy I added the Amuse Bouche. I knew by definition it’d be tiny, but these days every little bit counts! I also added the Café Brûlot. When I was seated, the table was set with my menu for the night!

(((((((((( THE GLORIOUS FOOD ))))))))))

Shrimp Arnaud
Turtle Soup
Gulf Fish Pontchartrain
Veal Tournedo Chantal

Out of my four 100th blog reports, this one was easily the best! So I don’t run out of adjectives to describe how good the food was I’ll just issue the rare blanket statement that EVERYTHING was delicious!

The French bread pistollete they started the meal out with was perfect. Hot and crusty.

I always thought an Amuse-Bouche was supposed to be a tiny bit of food you could eat in one bite. This one, which was like a baked oyster au gratin, was much bigger. Like a little appetizer. Am I complaining? HELL NO!

When my waiter brought out the Shrimp Arnaud, he said that was what made them famous, and you won’t find a better shrimp remoulade in the city. I agree with him!

The Gulf Fish Pontchartrain was a filet of Black Drum covered with crabmeat. Awesome.

The Veal Tournedo Chantal looks small in the picture, but it was a nice size piece of veal. The mushroom sauce on top was fantastic.

The Baked Alaska came out cold, but then my waiter flamed up some kind of alcohol tableside and poured it over it to roast it up! A little pitcher of chocolate sauce was included.

Finally, the Café Brûlot. What a show that was! A waiter peeled an orange keeping the skin intact, pressed cloves into it, flamed some brandy to pour over it, cooked it in a copper pot with some coffee, added some sugar and served. That was a lot of trouble for a simple man like me!

Will I get to Report #500? If I keep eating like this I probably won’t make it to Christmas! But tonight was great. Excellent food and excellent service. Come in and treat yourself.

813 Bienville St., New Orleans, LA 70112 Ph: 504-523-5433

Blaine 7-30-2021

20 thoughts on “Arnaud’s, New Orleans, LA Report #400

  1. Congrats! I love reading your blog because eating wise…I live vicariously through you…you know that right? Keep it up man.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you I appreciate it! If I’m ever down there or you up here…lets grab something to eat and watch some Twilight Zones!

        Liked by 1 person

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