Criollo, New Orleans, LA Report #405

My first COOLinary dinner this year was at Appoline, and it was very good. This is only my second one of the season. I’ve got to step up my game! Here’s a link for an explanation of COOLinary and participating restaurants:

This restaurant is located in the French Quarter, inside of the Hotel Monteleone on Royal St. Royal is one block south of the world famous Bourbon St. Speaking of famous, even thought the restaurant has it’s own bar, adjacent to it is The Carousel Bar. It’s at least locally famous. As you can see by the picture above it’s round, decorated like a carousel, and it actually rotates. Back in my drinking days when I’d get wasted, a rotating bar was the LAST thing I’d want! But to each his own.

The regular brunch menu looked great, but we came in for the COOLinary menu. Since the menu offered two choices with each course, and there was two of us, we ordered everything!

The food is pictured in the order it’s listed on the menu.

*********** THE FOOD ***********

My dining partner had the salad and I had the crab and corn beignets. She loved the salad, and said the vinaigrette was one of the best she ever had. The beignets were definitely the best savory beignets I ever had. They were absolutely delicious.

We both really enjoyed the chicken and fish entrées. The chicken breast was sufficiently juicy and tender, and my fish had a nice crisp fried coating on it. Both sauces were yummy.

While still good, the peach tart was our least favorite thing. It was served very cold, and the tart crust wasn’t the best. Now the chocolate mousse cheesecake was awesome! I’d go with that if I were you.

You also get a cocktail with this brunch. I don’t drink, but my dining partner went with the French 007. That was champagne with pear and pomegranate liqueur. How could that not be good?

So far I’m 2 for 2 with COOLinary meals. Both have been delicious so far!

214 Royal St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-681-4444

Blaine 8-8-2021

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