Crescent City Brewhouse, New Orleans, LA Report #406

I’m not going to reveal my age but I can brag that I’m old enough to have survived Hurricane Betsy. I was born in New Orleans and have been here my entire life. I’m one of the locals who doesn’t like going into the French Quarter. In fact, I can think of times in my life I’ve easily gone over a year without setting foot in it.

But lately I’ve been eating down here a lot. Can’t beat the French Quarter when it comes to good restaurants. The ones I’ve hit down here this year are GW Fins, Criollo, Arnaud’s, the American Sports Saloon, Red Fish Grill and Mona Lisa.

Now this place. A very nice looking brewhouse a few blocks away from the world famous Café du Monde. There’s a courtyard if you want to eat outside, but considering it was 91 degrees, everyone opted to dine inside in the A/C. Starting Monday you will have to show a Covid vaccination card to dine in any New Orleans restaurant. I asked our waitress if people would be allowed to sit in the courtyard if they didn’t have one but she wasn’t sure.

We decided to come in because I noticed they had a boudin grilled cheese sandwich on the menu. Yep. That’s all it took to get me in here! We also decided on the Seafood Cheesecake and the Brewhouse Burger.

******************** THE FOOD ********************

Boudin Grilled Cheese
Seafood Cheesecake
Brewhouse Burger

I can’t remember the last time I had a grilled cheese sandwich. I was definitely overdue. This one was really good! Using cheddar and swiss on it was a great combination. The flavor of the boudin kind of got lost in all that cheesy goodness, but we enjoyed the sandwich.

There’s a very good restaurant here from an old New Orleans restaurant family called the Palace Café. One of their signature dishes is a crabmeat cheesecake. It’s awesome. There’s no way I thought a brewhouse could rival it, but this seafood cheesecake here did. It was delicious! If you come in here you’ve got to try it. It’s served with two big, perfectly fried shrimp on top.

The burger was also very good. The thick cut bacon on it was great.

Very good lunch here today. I recommend this place!

527 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA. 70130 Ph: 504-522-0571

Blaine 8-14-2021

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