LeBrane’s Creole Cuisine, Westwego, LA Report #407

This place boast that it has a real, New Orleans born Creole chef. Well, I happen to be a real, New Orleans born Creole person myself. Just not a chef. BUT, I happen to be a well trained, expert, eater of the HIGHEST order. Part of my training consist of the fact that I’ve been eating since I was born! I was looking forward to putting my extensive skills and taste buds to use critiquing this joint.

You need to be looking for this place to find it. It’s located in Westwego, Louisiana, which is hard enough to find on it’s own! It’s about 14 miles southwest, and across the Mississippi River, from the French Quarter of New Orleans. This place is on a back street right by the Mississippi River.

I noticed a few things on the menu I fondly remember from my childhood. Okra with shrimp and sausage, chicken and sausage gumbo and banana pudding! We had to get those. Our order consisted of:

%% THE FOOD! %%

Chicken and Sausage Gumbo
Okra with Shrimp and Smoked Sausage
Who Dat Burger
Banana Pudding Delight

We started out with the homemade chips and crawfish boil eggrolls. Both very good! My dining partner loves potato chips. These were hot and very crisp. The eggrolls had a nice flavor and a good bit of crawfish in them.

My dining partner had the gumbo. She’s also New Orleans born and breed and it met her approval.

The okra was good. Pretty much the way my mom used to make it and the way I make it today. The okra was still in distinguishable slices. About the only difference when I make it is I smother it down so long the slices of okra basically disintegrate.

The Who Dat burger was fantastic! I was actually wondering if roast beef on a burger might be a little too much beef. Not at all. And it as real roast beef, instead of some deli sliced beef simmered in gravy. This one is definitely worth trying.

As a kid I loved my mom’s banana pudding. Typical New Orleans banana pudding consist of banana pudding, made simply from the stuff out of a box, sliced bananas, vanilla wafers (again out the box), and meringue. Put it all together and bake a little in the oven to toast the top of the meringue. It’s delicious!

And this version was also delicious! Adding whipped cream, some chocolate pudding at the bottom and chocolate syrup only made it better. Seriously yummy.

Great place and a great lunch. I recommend it!

137 Sala Ave., Westwego, LA 70094 Ph: 504-908-4901

Blaine 8-21-2021


Back for lunch today. On our first visit we noticed on Thursdays they had fried lasagna on the menu. Well, even though I don’t have much to write on, I made a mental note of that! Today was my day to try it.

We decided on:

&&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&&&&&&

When people here talk about “debris”, they’re referring to the shreds of roast beef left behind in the gravy when you make a pot of hot roast beef for poboys. This this was that, covering fries, and we added melted pepper jack cheese. Well seasoned and delicious. Just look at that chunk of garlic I found while I was greedily wolfing it down!

The Salaville Seafood Club was one of the best seafood sandwiches I ever had. Perfectly fried shrimp and fish and really thick cut bacon. You also have the option of getting the seafood grilled if you want, but we all know everything is better fried!

Speaking of fried, then there was the lasagna. I recommend you DO NOT come here and eat this. You’ll be instantly spoiled and want your lasagna no other way! And off the top of my head I can’t think of anywhere else that does this. And the marinara sauce was fantastic. Outstanding dish!

Side note: While we were eating some guys walked in and reported that the transformer on a power line outside was sparking and possibly about to blow up! To be safe the owner had to cut the power off and closed down for today. They called the power company and put in an emergency repair request, so hopefully they’ll be back up and running tomorrow. Either way it wouldn’t hurt to call first if you plan on coming in.

137 Sala Ave., Westwego, LA 70094 Ph: 504-908-4901

Blaine 9-23-2021

10 thoughts on “LeBrane’s Creole Cuisine, Westwego, LA Report #407

  1. “Eater of the HIGHEST order” now that is a quote I will remember!
    Everything looks great! I believe down there that everything comes with shrimp and chicken…that must be a must lol.

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    1. Yeah, never thought about it before but you can’t really go anywhere here without running into shrimp. In fact, not far from this restaurant there’s a place we call “the shrimp lot”, which is like a seafood flea market. We stopped on the way and bought five pounds of shrimp for dinner Monday night. I’m making a shrimp curry.

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