Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano, Ridgeland, MS Report #409

Well, I’m still exiled in the Jackson, Mississippi area after Hurricane Ida hit New Orleans. Funny thing is if you notice the cloudy, rainy skies in the first two pictures above, that’s because now Tropical Storm Ida is here! Received a text from “NOLA Ready”, which puts out information about the city. They advised if you evacuated not to return to New Orleans because of hazardous conditions, power outages and debris. I was going to return today but didn’t want to make that long drive in a tropical storm. But I’ll be heading back home tomorrow.

We decided on Italian for lunch. This place looked nice! We ordered the fried ravioli as an appetizer. One of my dining partners got the half and half lunch, with a supreme pizza and house salad. The other got half and half with meatballs and spaghetti and unlimited wedge salads. I got the half and half with a Margherita pizza and prime rib and three cheese sandwich.

((((((((((((((( THE FOOD! )))))))))))))))

The hot bread they brought out was very good! I think it was a Ciabatta. Hot, crusty, and they give you a little bowl of grated cheese with herbs to add olive oil to for dipping.

The fried ravioli was also very good. We liked the filling and sauce it was served with.

My dining partners enjoyed their dishes. The pizza here is delicious!

But then I picked up my prime rib sandwich. With love in my eyes and lust in my stomach, I took a big bite. I immediately got up, went to the bathroom and spit it out. I could taste the meat was off. I went back to the table, opened it up and smelled it, then I asked one of my dining partners to do the same. We agreed it smelled spoiled. The last thing I needed was a case of food poisoning, which I have had before, for the long drive back to New Orleans. I told our waitress about it and sent it back. The wedge salad looked good so I got one of those instead. I was kind of surprised to see they didn’t take it off our check when I asked for the bill.

Can’t really recommend a place after that sandwich, and the fact I was still charged for it. But everything else was good.

970 Highland Colony Pkwy, Ridgleland, MS 39157 Ph: 601-354-6600

Blaine 8-30-2021

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  1. Hope you are alright man!
    Our email server went down Saturday and since I’m IT I’ve been buried in that…I’m just now checking what all happened!

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