Gourmet Chinese Restaurant, Ridgeland, MS Report #410

Ok, tomorrow I head back to New Orleans to start the process of fixing the hurricane damage to my house. But tonight, we got a hankering for Chinese food. We googled, “Chinese food near me”, and a place called, “Gourmet Chinese Restaurant” pops up. That sounded promising! So we headed on over.

Well, when you see one of those Chinese menus so common you can probably print one off the internet, and a condiment station full of hot mustard and duck sauce plastic packs, odds are you’re NOT getting GOURMET Chinese food! In fact, the last time I was at a place like that, called Green Tea in New Orleans, it was a horrible disappointment! Their website had made them sound so good.

But we were here, and it was getting late. We decided on a won ton soup and:

%%% THE FOOD %%%

Everything was surprisingly good!

My dining partner said the won ton soup wasn’t the best she ever had (that honor belongs to a place back home called Hong Minh), but it was good!

There were nice size shrimp in the combination fried rice and egg foo young. And the gravy for the egg foo young was quite tasty.

If I ever happen to be back up here I would eat here again!

587 US-51, Ridgeland, MS 39157 Ph: 601-605-1061

Blaine 8-30-2021

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