Boulevard American Bistro, Elmwood, LA Report #411

We didn’t plan to eat here tonight. But, we’re still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. Closed restaurants are abundant, and when you find an open one, odds are the menu will be limited. As this one was tonight. And then there’s the wait for a table. We were told it’d be an hour. No problem. There are places to shop all around here, so we’d do a little shopping to kill time. After all, when they tell you an hour, it’s never actually that long!

Unbelievably, to the minute it was an hour.

Nice looking place. My dining partner decided on the BBQ ribs. They were out. They were also out of the kale salad she was looking forward to. So she went with the crab cakes. They offered her a Caesar salad to substitute for the kale. We ordered the House Cream Spinach as a starter, and I went with the Salt & Pepper Ribeye with a loaded baked potato instead of fries.

%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%

The creamed spinach was delicious! The chips were hot and fresh and the sour cream and salsa went great with all.

My dining partner, in an unprecedented move, gave me a piece of her crab cake! Unbelievable since it was almost solid crab meat. Outstanding!

But then there was a problem. She thought she was supposed to get fries with it. She asked the waitress where her fries were. She was told when you order a single crab cake, you only get one side. You get two sides when you order the two crab cakes.

Well, my dining partner didn’t take too kindly to that. I peeked at the picture of the menu in my phone and saw the waitress was right. I was starting to get really nervous, because my dining partner can get extremely violent when she doesn’t get her fries!

Apparently they sensed this and didn’t want any trouble, so they showed up with an order of fries. They were yummy.

My steak was ok. Nice size and tender enough. But for a “salt & pepper” ribeye, it seriously lacked any salt and pepper. I committed what I normally consider a sin. Asked for steak sauce. They have Lea and Perrins, which helped give the steak some flavor. My loaded baked potato was good.

Pretty good dinner for these trying times. I’ll be back to try their full menu one day.

5171 Citrus Blvd., Elmwood, LA 70123 Ph: 504-410-5171

Blaine 9-11-2021

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