Fausto’s Bistro, Metairie, LA Report #413

We’re still recovering from Hurricane Ida down here. Many restaurant’s still aren’t open. In New Orleans, there’s also a decree by the mayor requiring people to prove they’re vaccinated against Covid to dine in restaurants. No vaccine card, no entry.

Well this place is open, and it’s located a mere 1/4 miles west of New Orleans, in Metairie. So you don’t have to prove anything to come in here and enjoy some great Italian food. Which is exactly what I did tonight!

Nice looking little place. One word of advice. Make a reservation. I called last night to make one. I told the guy that answered the phone I was dining alone, and coming in at about 5:30 PM. To save him a little trouble I asked him if they were busy at that time and if not, should I just come in? Or do I really need a reservation? He said they weren’t busy then so just come on in!

Well, when I walked in I was greeted by two employees. One asked, “Do you have a reservation”? I said I didn’t. That employee looked at the other one and said, “Oh, we’ve got one of THOSE people, without a reservation”. I felt like I had Leprosy! I said, “I’m sorry! Does this mean I get put in the dungeon”? They said, “No, across the street at El Paso“!

I hadn’t even realized this place was right across the street from El Paso, where I had recently attempted to dine and had a horrible experience. I hate that place. Well, they we’re nice enough to seat me anyway.

I decided on:

+++++++++++++++ THE FOOD! +++++++++++++++

I was first served what my waitress called their world famous breadsticks. Hot, chewy and delicious.

The Eggplant in Corrozza was great. Yummy little mozzarella cheese sandwiches with crisp, well seasoned fried eggplant rounds as the bread.

The Fausto’s Frutti Di Mare was a seafood lovers dream. Huge shrimp, crab claws, mussels, clams, calamari, oysters and fish fillets. And a lot of it! The fish tonight was Black Drum. Some may find the sauce a little tart but I liked it. Served with a little bowl of perfectly cooked angel hair pasta with Marinara sauce.

Finally, Tiramisu for dessert. Outstanding. One of the best I ever had.

Great place. Come in and eat!

530 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70005 Ph: 504-833-7121

Blaine 9-17-2021

6 thoughts on “Fausto’s Bistro, Metairie, LA Report #413

      1. Well, like I said, it could have been worse. I have 4 bedrooms upstairs and only one sustained damage. My next door neighbor, who evacuated to Dallas, has a similar house. Most of his roof shingles blew off and he returned to find EVERY ceiling upstairs in his house collapsed! I felt so bad for that poor bastard, so I feel kind of lucky!

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