Don’s Seafood, Metairie, LA Report #414

The original Don’s Seafood opened in Lafayette, Louisiana, in 1934. I’m not sure when this location opened, but it’ been here as long as I can remember. Located on a main drag in Metairie, I’ve driven past it countless times. When this place comes up and I tell someone I’ve never been to Don’s, they’re shocked!

I’ve heard mixed reviews from people over the years. Some people love this place, some people hate it. I’ve heard it’s become more like a chain restaurant serving what tourist think Cajun food should be, instead of what Cajun food really is. Today was my day to find out.

We’re still in the Hurricane Ida recovery period, so many places are still closed. If not, most have a limited menu. That’s the case here, but you’ve still got a nice selection of things. We decided on:

&&& THE FOOD! &&&

I started not to order the Boudin Balls. I’ve been disappointed the last few times I’ve gotten them. Glad I did. These were terrific! Very good boudin and fried just right.

Seafood gumbo, very good. And Cajun style, a good dark roux.

My dining partner had the Zydeco Shrimp as part of her meal and loved them. She said the sweet chili sauce was perfect with them.

Before ordering, I asked what came with the Seafood Combo meal. The waitress said fried catfish, shrimp, and normally oysters, but since they were out of oysters you get some extra shrimp. Sounded good to me!

When she brought it out she surprised me saying it also came with a little side of shrimp etouffee. And it was yummy! As was everything else. Perfectly fried seafood and good coleslaw. The catfish was kind of thin cut too, which is how I like it.

I can definitely say the bread pudding was the worst thing we had. And it was good! So that’s speaking to how good everything else was.

Today we actually were going somewhere else to eat, but their limited menu was too limited, so we left. That’s how we ended up here, and we were VERY glad we did. Excellent lunch. We’ll be back!

4801 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-889-1550

Blaine 9-18-2021

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