Gambino’s Bakery, Metairie, LA Report #415

Long ago when I decided to add bakeries to my reports, this is the place I should have reviewed first. If any place epitomizes New Orleans tradition, it’s Gambino’s. Just look at the thirds picture above. Even the employees are traditional. Some have been there over 40 years!

Gambino’s has been around since 1949. I grew up in downtown New Orleans. For whatever reason when I was a kid we never went uptown. But there was a Gambino’s Bakery uptown on Toledano St. (it’s now closed). When there was some special occasion and we needed a Doberge cake (see picture above with it’s history), or wedding or birthday cake, we’d head up there for it.

When I moved to the Westbank of New Orleans over 20 years ago, there was a location not far from my house (also now closed) that we frequented often. My wife DEMANDS a Gambino’s cake for her birthday. She becomes very unpleasant if I get her a Sara Lee pound cake instead. And don’t laugh! I put icing and candles on it and make it look very nice! We all get short on cash at times.

Speaking of my wife, we had lunch today at Don’s Seafood right next door today. That’s how we ended up here. She wanted to come over and buy a single slice (last picture) of birthday cake for dessert later.

They even make their own olive salad, which is a must if you plan to make your own Muffulettas at home.

Searching online it looks like they also have a location in Kenner, LA. I hope these last two never shut down. This is a New Orleans tradition that I hope never goes away.

Stop in and tell them Blaine sent you. They’ll of course say, “WHO?” And look at you like you’re crazy, but anyway, stop in.

4821 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-885-7500

Blaine 9-18-2021


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