Fleming’s Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Metairie, LA Report #416

I’ve been wanting to try this place for some time, but it looked a little pricey and I’m allergic to spending money. Yesterday was my birthday and I was asked where I wanted to eat. My first question was, “You buying”? When the answer was “yes”, I knew the time had come.

I love a good steak, but for some reason I don’t get to a lot of steak joints. In fact, I haven’t been to one since dining at Doris Metropolitan back in May. That place was excellent! I also really like Chophouse. Those two are tied for my favorite steakhouses in New Orleans. I was curious to see how this place would compare.

Beautiful place! As soon as you walk in you see a huge walk in wine cooler. Nice looking bar too.

When I made the reservations online they asked if it was a special occasion. When you’re my age birthdays are nothing special, but I noted it was a birthday dinner. When we got to the table there was a birthday card on it. That was very nice!

We decided on crab cakes to start off with. My dining partner ordered an 8oz medium well butterflied filet, and I went with the 16oz NY strip medium rare. Our sides were a loaded baked potato and mashed potatoes for me, which I added LOBSTER to (remember, I wasn’t buying)! Crème Brulee for dessert.


Crab Cakes
8oz Filet with loaded baked potato
16oz NY Strip with lobster mashed potatos
Crème Brulee

The bread came out with Champagne Brie and pumpkin butter, which was simply butter with pureed pumpkin folded into it. My dining partner liked the pumpkin butter. She’s strange.

The crab cakes were excellent. They were like solid, seasoned crabmeat. Couldn’t find any breadcrumbs in them. Yum.

My dining partner said her filet was delicious, but the potato was a little cool and could have been “loaded” a little more.

My steak was perfect. And the lobster mashed potatoes were so good I had to take a separate picture of them just so you could get a better look! The lobster on top tasted like it was in some delicious Cognac laced sauce. I asked our waiter what the sauce was and I forgot everything he said about how it was made, but at the end they add a little of their lobster bisque to it. Outstanding side dish that I could eat as a meal!

When you order your steak you can get it served with their signature butters. Bernaise, smoked chili or herbed horseradish. Initially I ordered herbed horseradish, but my dining partner was having trouble deciding. Our waiter said he could bring us each one of each on the side. That’s the picture above labeled “Butters”. I think the herbed horseradish was my favorite, but they were all good.

The crème brulee was excellent.

Finally, as a birthday gift they gave me a little box of chocolates! Very sweet of them!

Great place and a great dinner. Give them a try!

3064 N. Causeway Blvd., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-799-0335

Blaine 9-26-2021


Since my last visit I’ve been dreaming of trying the chilled seafood tower. Today, I returned to make it happen. I ordered that as my entrée, and my dining partner ordered the crab cakes with a wedge salad. We also got some onion rings and the Chipotle Mac & Cheese.

######## THE FOOD ########

Wedge Salad
Onion Rings and Chipotle Cheddar Mac & Cheese

First off, our waitress brings unmelted butter to our table with a little candle under it saying it would melt, and that would be to dip my lobster in. I didn’t like that at all. It made me highly nervous. What if my lobster came out and the butter still wasn’t melted? And I had to sit there with lobster in front of me and semi-melted butter? I’d probably have a nervous breakdown! But she assured me the butter would melt in time.

My dining partner told me I had to try her wedge salad because of the blue cheese dressing. It was excellent. And the picture doesn’t do it justice. It was a nice size. That dark stuff on the right side of it was a little drizzle of reduced, or very old, Balsamic. Yummy.

The onion rings and mac n cheese were both delicious.

Then there was the chilled seafood tower. Our waitress said since it was just for me, she’d just put it on a plate instead of the tower presentation. She could have just brought it to me in a bucket and I would have been happy!

Good grief. THREE lobster tails, four huge shrimp and a generous portion of tuna poke served over very ripe avocado. I was in heaven. Outstanding!

Another fabulous dinner.

3064 N. Causeway Blvd., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-799-0335


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