Po-Boy King, Metairie, LA Report #417

I was in the mood for a po-boy tonight. Specifically, a soft shelled crab po-boy. So if you want a good poboy shouldn’t you go to place called the Po-Boy KING?

This place is hidden away on a back street right off a main drag. When I saw the sign, I figured the food would be good. After all, they don’t seem concerned about spending money on upgrading their sign! Or even hanging it up. Just sit it on the ground leaning against a telephone pole in front of a big weed!

If you like small places, you’ll be in heaven here. Couldn’t get any smaller. But I love “hole-in-the-walls”. Sometimes that’s where you’ll find the best food. They’ve got to do something to keep people coming back.

In my opinion, soft shelled crabs are a delicacy. They’re pretty pricy because producing them is labor intensive. If you’re farming them, you’ve got to watch them closely to see when they molt and shed their hard shells. You’ve got a very small window while their soft, so you’ve got to get them out of the holding tanks and MURDER them!

When I saw that Friday special in the last picture above I was really tempted to get it. Sounds delicious. But I decided to stick with what I had came in for.

I asked the lady taking my order if you got one or two soft shelled crabs on a po-boy. She said one on a six inch sandwich and two on a twelve. As I said, they’re pricy. I’ve been to places where they’ll make a full sized po-boy but put one crab on it, and spread it’s legs out to try to cover the bread not covered by the crabs body. I went with the large sandwich, fries and a fountain drink.

&& THE FOOD &&

The Po-Boy King did not disappoint. This was one of the best soft-shelled crab sandwiches I’ve ever had. Cut in two, and each half filled end to end with a nice sized crab! Often, places will batter the crabs so much you can taste the batter more than the crab. These had just the right amount of well seasoned crispy batter, that didn’t overwhelm. The delicious crab flavor could still shine through!

Also, the fries were perfect. No ignorant battered mess on them. Just hot, crisp , lightly salted, fried potatoes.

Excellent dinner. I’ll be back soon to try that special!

805 Homestead Ave., Metairie, LA 70005 Ph: 504-265-8556

Blaine 10-1-2021

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