The Country Club, New Orleans, LA Report #421

NOTE: This restaurant is located in Orleans Parish, so by Mayoral Decree, at the time of this writing you need to be vaccinated against COVID or have a very recent negative test to dine inside.

I’ve been hearing about this place for awhile. They’re known for their weekend Drag Brunch and their food. If you know me, you know the FOOD is what brought me here!

I always wondered why they’d call a restaurant “The Country Club”. To my surprise it seems the place actually is a country club. I didn’t make it out back to see the pool, but according to their website you can buy a membership to enjoy their saltwater pool.

The place is beautiful. The first thing I noticed when I walked in was books of matches at the hostess counter. You never see that anymore. That’s when you know you’re in a truly classy place!

Now the food. I’ve only heard people rave about the food here. I decided on:

&&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&&&&&&

Crab Beignets

Boudin Boulletes


The Crab Beignets were delicious. Period. Do not come here and not try these!

The Boudin Boulettes were also seriously yummy. Meatier than most boudin balls I’ve tried. Another winner.

Last but not least was the duck. I love duck. Reason being ducks are all dark meat, and dark meat is juicier than white meat. That being said I have been to places that somehow manage to dry it out.

That wasn’t the case here. Very tender and juicy. And the brandied cherry jus they served it with was awesome.

Excellent dinner tonight. I shall return!

634 Louisa St., New Orleans, LA 70117 Ph: 504-945-0742

Blaine 10-15-2021

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