Secret Thai Restaurant, Chalmette, LA Report #422

This place is located in an area known as Chalmette, down in St. Bernard Parish. When I think of St. Bernard, I think of seafood. In fact, I used to fish and crab down here a lot. The Parish is 2,159 square miles, of which only 378 are land. 1,781 square miles are water! So this parish is full of shrimp, fish and blue crabs. I don’t normally associate seafood with Thai food, but of course all of that can be used in Thai cuisine.

I don’t live anywhere near this place so I never would have found it. A couple of guys I work with, who know I love to eat, told me I had to get down here and try them out. And if you saw the physique on these guys you’d instantly know they love to eat too! So tonight I made a trip down here for dinner.

Speaking of all the seafood readily available here, I noticed an * next to the word “shrimp” throughout the menu. I was shocked to see they use shrimp imported from India! Not sure what the sense in that is. I prefer places that use local ingredients.

And I also see a sign advertising snow crab fried rice. Those are from Alaska! As far from Louisiana as you can get staying in the country.

No matter. I love snow crab. So lets get to what we ordered. Or tired to order. I’ll get a little ahead here.

First, we tried to order the gyoza. They were out of it. We also tried to order shumai, and our waitress said she thought they may have that. Not sure if they didn’t or she forgot to bring it, but it never showed up. An attempt was made to order the snow crab fried rice. They were out of that, BUT had blue crab fried rice. Lastly, I tried to order a dessert but was told they were out of ALL of their desserts. Considering I was having trouble deciding on which one I wanted to try, that made it easy!

So we ended up with crab rangoons, blue crab fried rice and combination Pad Thai.

% the food %

Blue Crab Fried Rice
Combination Pad Thai

The crab rangoons were the best I’ve had. With most of them about all you can taste is cream cheese with a hint of fake crab meat flavor. I’ve pretty much sworn off of ordering them. But these have real crab meat in them, and enough it’s the predominate flavor!

Those two guys I mentioned earlier told me to only order one entrée and split it at this place. They’re huge family style entrées. They weren’t lying. The pictures don’t so justice to how big these servings are, but they could easily serve two people.

There’s a Thai place not far from my house called Jasmine Rice, and they make a DELICIOUS crab fried rice. I was eager to compare the one here to that one. There’s no way I thought anyone could make it as good as them.

I’d have to say it’s a toss up! This crab fried rice was delicious. Nice chunks of crab meat throughout it, but even when you weren’t getting a piece of crab meat the rice had that good crab flavor throughout it. Seriously good.

Another note about the rice. Since it wasn’t on the menu I asked our waitress if they always have it. She said they always have some version of crab fried rice. Either snow crab, blue crab or stone crab fried rice.

The Pad Thai was also very good. Only problem was there were only two shrimp in the entire dish. Maybe because they had to come from India and some were late? There was a little more beef, and plenty of chicken.

Overall a very delicious dinner! If you want good Thai it’s worth the trip to Chalmette.

9212 W. Judge Perez Dr, Suite C, Chalmette, LA 70043

Blaine 10-16-2021

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