Steve’s Marina Restaurant, Long Beach, MS Report #423

Found myself on the Mississippi Gulf Coast today. That happens sometimes. I’ve been to this place before and knew the food was good, so we popped in for dinner.

Nice looking place right on the beach. You can sit out on the balcony if you want to enjoy the view of the Gulf Of Mexico. There’s even a high powered telescope out there if you want to see if you can spot the Yucatan Peninsula! You can also belly up to the bar inside if you feel like getting liquored up. In fact, the last time I was here I had to be sure my drunken dining partner didn’t fall down the stairs when we left!

We decided on:

&&& THE FOOD &&&

Seafood Nachos
Shrimp Diane

Paneed Tripletail and Jambalaya

The seafood nachos were very good. Plenty of shrimp and crabmeat and nice, fresh tortilla chips.

With your entrée you get a side salad or for a small uncharge you can get a cup of gumbo. My dining partner opted for a cup of seafood gumbo. She enjoyed it. Plenty of seafood and seasoned nicely.

I got the side salad with blue cheese dressing. I like my blue cheese dressing like my women. Chunky. And this one was. Yummy!

My dining partner loved the Shrimp Diane. I actually got a taste of it! We get tired of the rich cream sauces you get with a lot of seafood pasta dishes. This one was light and very flavorful.

When I saw they had tripletail today it hit me that’s one fish I had never tried. When I asked what she recommended, our waitress recommended I get it panned, which I did. Excellent. The jambalaya was pretty good too.

Great place. I recommend it!

213 East Beach Blvd., Long Beach, MS. 39560 Ph:228-265-7730

Blaine 10-23-2021

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      1. I just looked it up…I didn’t see the noodles added but they will be. Damn you Blaine…I was thinking about that all day!

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