Perks Coffee & Cafe, Metairie, LA Report #424

We’re always looking for a new Sunday morning breakfast spot. Actually, since I sleep until 10:00 AM on Sundays, I actually should say “brunch” spot. We’re always in the mood for breakfast but end up not eating it until almost noon!

That was the case when we decided to try this place today. When I was looking at the menu online and saw they had shrimp and grits, I knew they weren’t just a coffee place. And my love of shrimp and grits is what got us in there today!

Unfortunately, when we got there we were told they were out of grits. The guy taking our order said they normally run out by 11:00 AM. I’ve heard things like that before and always wondered, “If you don’t CLOSE at 11:00 AM, why don’t you just cook more”?

They were also out of hash browns! So we decided to order some fries with our breakfast. We decided on:

************ THE FOOD ************

Everything was very good!

My dining partner had the bacon, egg and cheese croissant. She enjoyed it. The fries were hot and crisp.

My omelet was outstanding! The eggs were cooked perfectly and it was full of good sized, well seasoned shrimp. Loved the generous portion of nice ripe avocado on top.

I love pecans, but for some reason I don’t like them in pancakes and waffles. My dining partner loves pecans in them, but since I don’t she always orders them on the side.

The waffle was delicious, but I’m not sure if everyone would like the syrup. My dining partner thought it tasted like Steen’s cane syrup, and didn’t like it. When I was a kid we used a syrup called Brer Rabbit. That’s what I thought it tasted like, and I loved it! We asked, and they said it was a mix of cane and maple syrup. We asked for some plain maple syrup but were told that was all they had.

Looks like we’ve found a great new place. We shall return!

4300 S. Clearview Pkwy., Metairie, LA 70006 Ph: 504-455-4609

Blaine 10-31-2021

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