Swamp Room, Metairie, LA Report #425

This place is primarily a bar. Or as they describe themselves, a late night tavern. It has pool tables, dart boards, plenty of televisions to catch your favorite game, and a big bar in the middle to keep you properly liquored up!

It’s also got something I’ve been hearing about for years. The Swamp Burger. Their sign says they’re the home of the Swamp Burger. I’ve heard people rave about them. I had no idea what made them special, but today was my day to find out!

I ordered a Swamp Burger and Steak Fries.

&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& the food &&&&&&&&&&&&&&&

Very good burger and fries. Not swampy at all! It was the perfect size too. I hate those burgers where they make the patty so big you have to unhinge your jaw like a snake to take a bite. I ordered it medium and it came to me a perfect medium. Nicely toasted bun and dressed with very fresh veggies. The fries were hot, crisp and delicious.

If you’re craving a good burger this is a good place to grab one!

5400 Veterans Memorial Blvd., Metairie, LA 70003 Ph: 504-888-5242

Blaine 11-6-2021

3 thoughts on “Swamp Room, Metairie, LA Report #425

  1. Back in the day, I had quite a few Swamp Burgers at the original location. Always good but nothing beat the burgers at the old Bottom Line on Division. For late night grub places that are still around, I’ll go with the Mushroom Swiss at Beachcorner.

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