Flamingo A-Go-Go, New Orleans, LA Report #428

NOTE: This restaurant is located in Orleans Parish, so by Mayoral Decree, at the time of this writing you need to be vaccinated against COVID or have a very recent negative test to dine inside.

I work right down the street from this place, so I drive past it every day on the way home. The buildings so colorful you can’t help but notice it. With a name like Flamingo A-Go-Go, it sounds like a joint that should be in Las Vegas instead of New Orleans.

But it’s not in Vegas. It’s here. And they have food. That’s enough for me. I had to check it out.

Nice looking place. Bigger than I thought it would be on the inside. They have a huge courtyard that’s dog friendly in case you want to bring your pooch.

I decided on:


Boudin is basically a rice dressing made with pork and all kinds of spices, that’s normally stuffed into a casing like a sausage. I love it, so whenever I see some version of it on a menu I’ve got to order it. Most places have some type of boudin bites, which is the stuffing removed from the casing, rolled into balls, and deep fried.

Here they call theirs Pepperjack Boudin Bombers. If you look at the picture above where I took a bite out of one, you won’t really see any rice or pork. The boudin in it was kind of “creamed”. Strange, but fantastic! You know how spinach isn’t good, but creamed spinach is? Same thing here! Loved these!

I said earlier this sounds like a place you’d find in Vegas. To see if they know New Orleans food I ordered the Taste of New Orleans. Gumbo, red beans and rice and jambalaya. The verdict? Very good!

I normally prefer seafood gumbo over chicken and sausage, but this one was great. Nice color, well seasoned, and a good bit of meat in it. The red beans were nice and creamy, and the jambalaya was cooked perfectly. Great combo.

Kahlua is my favorite liqueur. When I saw Kahlua chocolate cake on the menu that sounded like heaven, but I was a little disappointed. I couldn’t really taste any Kahlua. Just chocolate. Don’t get me wrong, it was delicious! But tastewise, to me it was just chocolate mousse cake.

Great lunch here today. I shall return!

869 Magazine St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: 504-577-2202

Blaine 11-20-2021

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