Pitt Grill, New Boston, TX Report #434

Still on my road trip, driving from New Orleans to an undisclosed location in Oklahoma. We got hungry. So as I’m driving I’m looking for anything that’s not a fast food chain, but for miles and miles that was all I saw. I was starving, and almost ready to give in and stop at a Burger King or something. Then we saw this place. Decided to give it a try!

We ordered:

***** THE FOOD *****

My dining partner had the ham and egg breakfast sandwich. She said it was pretty good.

Texas is famous for chicken fried steak, so that’s what I ordered. With brown gravy instead of white. It was obvious this wasn’t a piece of beef that was pounded out, seasoned and freshly battered in the kitchen before being fried. But rather taken out a freezer and dropped in the grease. Still, it wasn’t bad. I enjoyed it. But then again I was pretty damned hungry!

If you noticed I ordered a waffle kind of as my dessert, but there is no picture of one. That’s because they were out of them! Very dissapointing.

Not a bad lunch. I’d eat here again.

912 N. McCoy Blvd., New Boston, TX 75570 Ph: 903-628-1333

Blaine 11-29-2021

One thought on “Pitt Grill, New Boston, TX Report #434

  1. I almost choked when I saw the title – I grew up in a tiny town about 30 mins from New Boston so I’m very familiar with the Pitt Grill. I’ve heard the quality of food has changed over the years, but when I was younger, it was the place to eat! Homemade, dripping with gravy and fat, scrumptious waffles…my mouth is watering right now!

    Thank you for taking me back in time!!


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