Fontenot’s Cajun Café, Natchitoches, LA Report #436

Ever saw the movie Steel Magnolias? With Sally Field and Julie Roberts? One claim to fame this city has is it was set and filmed here. I never saw that movie, so let’s move on.

Another thing that this city is known for are their meat pies. A lot of menus in New Orleans will have “Natchitoches Meat Pies” on their menu. I was passing through on a road trip, it was lunchtime, AND I needed gas! I figured this was a good chance to try an authentic meat pie in the city that made them famous.

So as we exited I-49 South on the main drag of Natchitoches I saw a sign advertising a restaurant named Lasyone’s Meat Pie Restaurant. Sounded like a good place to try one! When we pulled it up on my iPhone to get directions we discovered it was closed! Just my luck.

Right about then I spotted this place. When I’m hungry I get grouchy and it ain’t pretty, so we pulled in.

Lo and behold there were mini meat pies on the menu. I asked the waitress and she said they didn’t make them there, so these are probably the same ones they order at other restaurants all over the state. I ordered them. My dining partner ordered the stuffed macaroni and cheese with a side of French fries, I ordered the Catfish Evangeline with a side of potato salad, and lastly we got the beignets for dessert.

))))))))))))))) THE FOOD (((((((((((((((

Stuffed Macaroni & Cheese
Catfish Evangeline

The meat pies were very good! The crust was a little thicker than I’m used to and the meat filling was mixed with a creamy sauce. Kind of like the gravy you’d get with biscuits and gravy. Served with a good remoulade sauce for dipping.

My dining partner said the stuffed mac n cheese was just ok. She said she wouldn’t order it again.

My catfish dish was fantastic! When I was a kid my mom used to fry fish with mostly corn meal, which gave the crust more of a gritty texture, as opposed to frying it in mostly corn flour. This had that gritty texture that I love. I also enjoyed the crawfish etouffee.

When I ordered the beignets a lady at the next table heard me and commented we were going to love them! She said, “You’ll swear you’re in New Orleans”! Of course, that didn’t excite me.

Well, she was wrong. These were very flaky, which REAL beignets aren’t. The menu did say these were “Croissant style”. They tasted like you took those canned Grands biscuits, cut them in little pieces, deep fried them and sprinkled them with powdered sugar. Don’t get me wrong, they were yummy! But just different than New Orleans beignets.

Nice place! If I’m passing through in the future I’d gladly drop in again.

936 University Pkwy. Drive, Natchitoches, LA 71457 Ph: 318-238-4227

Blaine 11-3-2021

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