Cafe Equator, Metairie, LA Report #437

This place is located right across the street from a popular shopping mall, so I’ve been looking at it for some time thinking I’ve got to give it a try. Today was their lucky day. I graced them with my presence!

We decided on:

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE FOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thai Garlic Ribs
Basil Fried Rice with Shrimp
Garlic and Black Pepper Pork
Sweet Rice with Custard

First off, we’ve been known to order too much food at times. With two appetizers and two entrées, we thought we were doing that today. But compared to other Thai places I’ve been to the portions here are rather small. We had no problem knocking everything off.

The Shrimp Golden Rolls were pretty tasty, but don’t look for shrimp in them. The menu said they were minced. If they were in there, they were apparently minced VERY fine. We couldn’t even detect any shrimp flavor. The stuffing inside seemed to be about 85% carrots, as you can see from the piece I’m holding in the picture on the right. These were more like a fried veggie roll.

The ribs were very good. Very smoky flavor and tender, but with just the right bite.

The best thing we had was the fried rice. After my first bite, I thought, “Eh, nothing special”. But then the flavor kind of hit my taste buds and it grew on me like a rabid fungus! My dining partner agreed. We couldn’t stop eating it. We cleaned the plate!

The garlic and black pepper pork was pretty good. Plenty of good garlic flavor, but we thought it could have used more black pepper. And more sauce to go with the rice.

Every Thai place has sweet rice with mango. I’ve never seen sweet rice with custard so we ordered it.

It looked terrible! The custard was the color of brain matter. BUT, it was delicious! The cool custard went great with the sweet, warm sticky rice.

Pretty good lunch.

2920 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-888-4772

Blaine 12-5-2021


Back for a second visit. On the menu this time was:

### THE FOOD ###

Stuffed Chicken Wings
Green Curry
Seafood Pad Thai

Everything was good! No idea what it was but I really enjoyed the sauce served with the stuffed chicken wings. And there were plenty of shrimp and two huge scallops in the Seafood Pad Thai. Great dinner.

2920 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: 504-888-4772


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