Cajun’s Fabulous Fried Chicken, Gulfport, MS Report #438

This place is awesome. It seems impossible to find anything about it’s history online so I have to go by memory.

Me, my family, and a bunch of fellow New Orleanians I know have been coming here since the early 1980’s. Back then, Popeye’s fried chicken was all the rage. Word spread there was a place in Biloxi, Mississippi, that had fried chicken as good as Popeye’s, but on an ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET! And it was right on the beach! So you could hang out on the beach, fish, swim, and then have lunch or dinner in this glorious place! We made that trip several times throughout my life.

Hurricane Katrina ended Cajun’s tenure on the beach in Biloxi. Thankfully, it found this location on Pass Rd. in Gulfport, MS. Instead of showing every plate I filled (and there were many), this is what the buffet looks like.


You start off with a cold bar with potato salad, coleslaw, pears, melon, beet salad, peaches and several condiments.

Then you move on to the important stuff. Unbelievably soft, hot baked rolls, biscuits, red beans, rice, mashed potatoes, jambalaya, a vat of gravy, baked beans, green beans, corn bread, mustard greens, carrots, cabbage, stewed okra, lima beans, black eyed peas, fried okra, boiled potatoes and corn on the cob!

Then, the REALLY important stuff. Fried catfish, fried chicken livers and spicy and mild fried chicken. The spicy chicken actually has a nice little spice to it!

Finally there’s a dessert bar with brownies, apple and peach cobbler, and a soft serve ice cream machine. There are toppings so you can make sundaes.

And don’t think just because there’s quantity that they lack quality. Everything is good!

Oh! Almost forgot. They’re CASH ONLY. They do have an ATM inside.

Come here and eat. You deserve it.

112 Pass Rd., Gulfport, MS. 39507 Ph: 228-863-3112

Blaine 12-11-2021

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