Middendorf’s, Akers, LA Report #441

I’ve been hearing about this place my entire life. It’s famous for it’s thin fried catfish. Their history is very interesting and deserves to be told. I’m too lazy to type it all, so just click on this link if you’re interested —> History.

I was surprised when I looked this place up online and saw the address said it was located in Akers, Louisiana. I had never heard of Akers. The area the restaurant is located is known locally as Manchac. In fact, on their website this location is called “Middendorf’s Manchac”. The exit you take off of Interstate 55 to get here is the Manchac exit. There’s a plaque in front of the restaurant (pictured above) telling you what Pass Manchac is. So where the hell Akers came from I have no idea.

This was the only location until 2019, when they opened another one in Slidell, Louisiana. Going there actually would have been a shorter drive for me, but I wanted to go to the original location. So we took the 46 mile drive here with catfish on the brain!

The place is huge! Our waitress said they have 5 dining rooms. I only included a picture of the one we sat in and what she referred to as the “porch”. Out front they were selling Louisiana Strawberries. The city of Ponchatoula, which is famous for their strawberries, isn’t far away. I’m sure that’s where they came from.

We decided on:

(((((((((( the food ))))))))))

Crawfish Cakes
Wedge Salad
Banana Bread Pudding

They start you out with a loaf of complimentary bread. I didn’t care for it. I like my bread like my women. Crusty. It looked like a loaf of French bread, but it was soft. Not crusty at all. And just slightly warm.

When I saw crab gumbo on the menu I was elated. I’ve had seafood gumbo, I’ve had chicken and sausage gumbo, I’ve had gumbo with seafood, chicken and sausage, and a bunch of other things. But I’ve never had JUST crab gumbo! I was thinking it’d be a gumbo loaded with crabmeat. So I ordered it. My dining partner ordered the shrimp and crab gumbo.

I was highly disappointed. My gumbo wasn’t full of crabmeat. Instead, it was just a cup of plain gumbo with two crab claws thrown in. As mentioned earlier, I’m lazy. I don’t like working for my crabmeat. My dining partners shrimp and crab gumbo had shrimp in it and just a half of crab claw.

And then there were tomatoes in the gumbo. That’s a mortal sin where I come from. However, the gumbo had a pretty good flavor and was seasoned well.

The crawfish cakes were very good. Just a little small. The remoulade sauce was great.

The wedge salad was pure awesomeness! The picture doesn’t do it justice. A big wedge with two slices of bacon pegged to the top with a steak knife, and plenty of blue cheese dressing, with even more blue cheese crumbles! Best iceberg wedge salad I’ve ever had.

The seafood platter was pretty good. Their signature thin fried catfish was delicious. The shrimp and oysters were fried perfectly. The stuffed crab? A big thumbs down. It tasted more like a stuffed pepper. No crab flavor at all. The potato salad and coleslaw were pretty tasty.

The banana bread pudding was good, but a very small portion. You can tell by the fork in the picture. It’s definitely not a dessert you can split with someone, unless both of y’all eat like a bird. That’s definitely not the case with me!

Pretty good lunch. If you’re ever passing through Manchac, I recommend you stop in. And HAPPY NEW YEAR!

30160 US-51, Akers, LA 70421 Ph: 985-386-6666

Blaine 12-31-2021

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