Mangu, Gretna, LA Report #443

Less than a week ago I was eating Birria style meat at a place called Secret Birria. Traditionally, that Mexican dish was made with goat. The meat I had was beef. But I love goat and I hadn’t had it in forever, so I decided to find some!

That led me to this Dominican restaurant in Gretna. It’s in a strip mall sandwiched between two pretty good restaurants named Jasmine Rice (Thai) and Café Zen (Japanese). Makes it kind of like a short international food mall!

The menu looked great. My entrée was decided in advance. The Chivo Guisado, or braised goat. There were several things I wanted to try as far as appetizers. I started to order the sampler platter, but my waitress said that serves two people. I decided against being a pig and went with the yuca fries. After all, if a place can’t do fries right, what’s the point?

####### THE FOOD #######

Yuca en Mojo
Chivo Guisado

For some reason I thought yuca was a cactus. I looked it up and it’s, “a woody shrub of the spurge family”. Ain’t that something?

Whatever it is it’s delicious! From the little research I did it’s much healthier than potatoes. These were hot and super crisp. It was served with what they call a garlic aioli. I’ve always thought of an aioli as something emulsified, like mayonnaise. This was just PLENTY of minced garlic in some type of oil, and that was fine by me! I scooped every bit if it up with those fries.

I once had mofongo, which is basically fried mashed green plantains, in Puerto Rico and liked it, so I ordered that with my braised goat. This dish was fantastic! The goat was very tender, and the gravy it was served with was very flavorful. I used almost all of the generous serving of mofongo to soak it all up. The menu says the entrées come with a small salad. It’s kind of like a room temperature, non creamy cold slaw, that’s served right on the plate. More like what I’d consider a side vegetable than a salad. It went well with it.

Very good dinner here tonight. I’ll return soon!

2112 Belle Chasse Hwy. #7, Gretna, LA 70056 Ph: 504-324-9870

Blaine 1-7-2022


Back again! Tonight we ordered:

%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%

Yuca Fries
Bistec Encebollado
Carnitas de Cerdo

You can mix and match the empanada stuffings, so we got one beef, one shrimp and one cheese. They were great! The crust is crisp and flakey. And it was funny, I had to ask our waitress if she was sure it was shrimp. She said it was. It tasted more like crawfish etouffee in that one instead of shrimp, which was fine with me!

The yuca fries were just as good as last time.

We got the Bistec Encebollado with the mangu, which is a mashed plantain side. “Bistec” is Spanish for steak. The beef was super tender and flavorful, and the mangu was like having mashed potatoes with it. Delicious!

The Carnitas de Cerdo, were fried pork chunks. We ordered that with rice and beans. Another fantastic dish!

Excellent dinner here tonight. Love this place.

2112 Belle Chasse Hwy. #7, Gretna, LA 70056 Ph: 504-324-9870

Blaine 9-9-2022

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