Mr. Ed’s Seafood & Italian, Metairie, LA Report #444

Normally when I go to restaurants that have more than one location, I don’t do a separate report for each location. I just add to the original report I did on the first one I went to. Well, when I walked into this Mr. Ed’s I asked them if they were affiliated with the one in New Orleans, at the corner of N. Carrollton and Bienville. To my horror they said, “yes”. I say that because some time ago, on my first and only visit to that location, I had a horrible dining experience. So bad when we left we had to stop and eat somewhere else. If you so desire you can click here to read about that —> Mr. Ed’s New Orleans.

Well, our lunch here was anything but a horror story. It was great! And since it was they deserve their own report. They don’t need to be associated with that other joint.

Nice looking place nestled in a mostly residential neighborhood a block away from Lake Pontchartrain. We decided on:

+++++++++++ THE FOOD +++++++++++

The fried calamari was delicious. The perfect combo of tenderness and chewiness. The marinara sauce was really yummy.

Their side salad deserves a mention. I asked, but I already knew the answer because it was obvious it didn’t come out of a bottle. They make the blue cheese dressing in house. It was fantastic, with plenty of chunks of blue cheese in it.

My dining partner and I split the two pastas. The Shrimp & Crab pasta was very good. Sometimes these cream sauces can be too rich and heavy, but this one wasn’t. And even though the crab cakes weren’t loaded with jumbo lump or anything, they had a great crabby flavor.

The pasta with the Italian sausage was equally good. The sausage was nice and meaty. Kind of like an Andouille sausage. And the pasta in both dishes was cooked perfectly.

For dessert I was torn between the bread pudding and the Banana Foster Pie. I left it up to our waitress. She said the Lemon Ice Box pie was our favorite (next time) but between those two go with the bread pudding.

It was pretty good! No raisins thank God, BUT apples, peaches and a grape or two I think? That was NOT necessary!! But I enjoyed it.

I will be back here soon!

1001 Live Oak St., Metairie, LA 70005 Ph: 504-838-0022

Blaine 1-8-2022


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