Las Cazuelas, Harvey, LA Report #462

We had some business to take care of in Harvey today, and as happens pretty often, I got hungry. STARVING in fact! I wasn’t far a baked potato joint called The Spud Spot, and one of their huge, seafood stuffed potatoes sounded like a great idea. So we headed on over.

Unfortunately, there was a sign on the door saying due to staffing shortages they were closed on Sunday and Monday until further notice. There’s a lot of that going around. I was heartbroken! And as I mentioned, starving. I had to get some food in my belly soon or I was going to become a very unpleasant person!

Fortunately, this place was just a few blocks away. I’ve been driving past it forever thinking I need to give it a try. Today ended up being the day!

The menu is huge. Too many pages for me to try to take pictures of and include here. This is about the best link I could find of their menu:

We decided on:

%%%%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%%%%

The ground beef and cheese dip was delicious and at the same time too terrible to eat. When our waitress brought it to the table we immediately noticed the pools of grease floating on the top. I thought I could use my spoon to scoop under it and eat around it, but after we dug in it was like we freed MORE grease that was hidden underneath (second pic).

When our waitress came back to the table we told her we couldn’t eat it because of all the grease. She took it away, and I figured it would come off the check. It didn’t. That was disappointing.

The Nachos Locos with grilled shrimp was fantastic! Huge shrimp and plenty of them. And the beans they smeared on the chips under the yummy melted white cheese had a great flavor.

I love chili rellenos, but hate when they put red, enchilada sauce on them. I’ve learned to ask whenever I order one what kind of sauce they put on it, and here, they do serve them with that red sauce. I asked for cheese sauce on it instead.

This was the perfect chili relleno. A nice, tender Poblano pepper, filled with melted cheese, coated in batter and deep fried. Delicious.

My dining partner had the Quesadilla Special and I had the Enchilada Special. Both dishes were on the Lunch Specials portion of the menu. I got a cheese and beef enchilada. Both plates were very good!

Pretty good lunch here, but next visit I’ll stay away from that cheese and ground beef dip.

1122B Manhattan Blvd., Harvey, LA 70058 Ph: 504-267-5430

Blaine 4-18-2022

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