Dots Diner, Jefferson, LA Report #463

Even though it was about lunchtime, we were in the mood for breakfast. We headed to a great breakfast spot we hadn’t been to in a bit. The Panola Street Cafe. Since it was the busy time of the day, we tried to call first to see if there was a wait for a table, but no one answered the phone. That wasn’t a good sign! And sure enough, when we arrived there was a crowd of people waiting outside. I was starving to death, so there was no way I was waiting. It wouldn’t be long before I started biting people!

We had no idea where we were going to eat, but I just started driving westbound, out of New Orleans and into Jefferson, Louisiana. There’s a bunch of restaurants along the main drag and I was hoping something would appeal to us. Then we saw this place and decided to stop in and give them a try.

If you look right below their sign in the first picture above, the building you see in the background is part of the main campus of Ochsner hospital. A very well respected hospital here in Louisiana. So if you have a heart attack while eating the food here there’s an emergency room right down the street!

Another funny thing is their coffee cups say, “Dots diner New Orleans”, but they don’t have a location in Orleans Parish.

Anyway, we decided on:

&&&&&&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&&&&&&

Crawfish Creole Queen

My dining partner had the Breakfast Bowl. She had the eggs scrambled, plus you get hash browns and sausage patties served on open faced biscuits covered in white sausage gravy and cheddar cheese! And it was as good as it sounds.

She also MUST have grits with breakfast, so she ordered a side bowl of grits. When we asked for butter, they brought us a bottle of melted butter. Can it get any better than that? The only other place I ever saw that was at The Camellia Grill. Awesome.

I had the Crawfish Creole Queen. One of the most unique breakfast dishes I ever had, and very delicious! Eggs over open faced biscuits (I chose to get the eggs over easy), with kind of a crawfish etouffee over them and Swiss cheese. Outstanding!

For dessert we had a short stack of pancakes. Don’t you hate when you get pancakes and they bring you some cold butter right out the fridge to try to melt on them? Here’s where that bottle of melted butter came in handy again. I did everything I could here to earn a trip to that emergency room down the street!

As a side note a couple at a nearby table ordered hamburgers and they looked great. I’ll be back soon to try them!

Great place. Glad we found it.

2317 Jefferson Hwy., Jefferson, LA 70121 Ph: 504-831-3681

Blaine 4-24-2022


I had no idea I’d be back in here so soon, but I just HAD to try one of their burgers! Then I came in and the seafood omelet caught my eye, so I got that instead. My dining partner had a burger. We ordered:

%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%

Somehow when I read the menu I missed that the shrimp in the seafood omelet were fried. I got one in my first bite. What an outstanding surprise! Delicious. And for some reason I was in the mood for fries as a side. They were great.

My dining partner said the burger was really good. I guess it was, because it disappeared very quickly and I didn’t get a bite.

I’ve had these beignet stix at other places. They taste like funnel cakes. I like them!

Also, I had a banana / chocolate shake. I didn’t bother to take a picture since it was served in a styrofoam cup, so all you could have seen was whipped cream on top. It was fantastic!

I’ll be back soon and by all that is holy I swear next time I’ll get a burger!

2317 Jefferson Hwy., Jefferson, LA 70121 Ph: 504-831-3681

Blaine 4-26-2022


I finally got my burger! And some banana nut pancakes.


I love burgers with fried eggs on them. The first time I had one was at the Times Grill. I ordered the egg over easy. It came out with the egg a little off center, but that was easily fixed. The burger was absolutely delicious.

As far as the pancakes, I didn’t know if they were coming out with bananas and nuts on top, or cooked into the pancake. They were cooked in, which is how I like it! When I was a kid my mom put bananas in pancakes and called them “banana fritters”. Loved those. These were fantastic.

This place is yummy.

2317 Jefferson Hwy., Jefferson, LA 70121 Ph: 504-831-3681



Back for lunch! We decided on:

—– THE FOOD —–

My dining partner had the breakfast sandwich with grits. She eats grits with everything. She said both were delicious.

The waitress offered me the option of having my hot sausage sandwich on French, to make it a poboy. But then the two patties would have been side by side, instead of stacked on top each other on the bun. I like my sandwiches like my women. Meaty! So I went with the bun.

The brioche bun was soft, fresh and delicious. And Patton’s hot sausage is the best you can get. Great sandwich.

Love this place.

2317 Jefferson Hwy., Jefferson, LA 70121 Ph: 504-831-3681

Blaine 8-14-2022


My birthday is coming up! Dots was nice enough to email me a coupon for a free birthday item off their menu. That was really nice of them. So I came in and ordered:

&&& THE FOOD &&&

DELICIOUS! Two country fried steak patties fried nice and crisp and seasoned well. And the gravy was great! I had two over easy eggs with it. Love this place.

2317 Jefferson Hwy., Jefferson, LA 70121 Ph: 504-831-3681

Blaine 9-18-2022


Looks like there’s a couple new additions to their menu. Burritos and Iced Coffee. But I came in for a burger. Decided on this one:


If this place was just a burger joint, they’d do good. Their burgers are fantastic! Really juicy patties. And the fries couldn’t be any better. Delicious.

2317 Jefferson Hwy., Jefferson, LA 70121 Ph: 504-831-3681

Blaine 11-20-2022


12 thoughts on “Dots Diner, Jefferson, LA Report #463

  1. Melted butter, how divine! That is one of my biggest restaurant pet peeves. Even at a fancy expensive restaurant, they bring out cold, hard butter! Such a small detail, but when you are paying a ton of money for some swanky meal, they should not overlook those details.

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    1. No, I write about every experience good or bad. If I ever say something was “ok”, that’s my way of saying I wasn’t impressed, wouldn’t order it again and won’t come back here. I’m really wary about hurting someone’s business. Something REALLY has to be bad for me to say it’s terrible. But I just did that in a supplemental report on Gyu-Kaku recently.

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