Marigny Brasserie, New Orleans, LA Report #467

This place is only a couple blocks outside of the French Quarter. The last time I came here was with my daughter, who was in high school at the time. She’s now in her 30’s. That’s how long it’s been. Not sure why I haven’t been here in so long, because we loved the place!

They have a one page food menu. I love that! I rather a place do a few things right than a lot of things just mediocre. And it makes the decision making process so much easier!

For appetizers we got the fried chicken livers and a cup of gumbo. I was in a seafood mood. I started to order the Gulf Fish, but today’s fish was redfish. I’m not a redfish fan, so to scratch that seafood itch I ordered a shrimp poboy. My dining partner ordered the chicken sandwich, and just to try them, we got a side order of red beans and rice. To wrap the meal up our dessert was bread pudding.

%%%%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%%%%

Fried Chicken Livers
Shrimp Poboy
Fried Chicken Sandwich
Red Beans and Rice
Bread Pudding

I don’t really like fried chicken livers. I love fried chicken GIZZARDS, but never was a fan of livers. That is until I ate these. These were awesome. Crisp and well-seasoned. They didn’t have that dry interior texture chicken livers sometimes have. And the bacon and tomato jam was fantastic! I kept scooping it up with a fork and putting it on top as I devoured them.

My dining partner had the chicken and andouille gumbo. She enjoyed it.

We split the sandwiches. The only problem was the French bread on the shrimp poboy was toasted a little too much for my taste. Otherwise, both sandwiches were great!

The red beans and rice were very good. Plenty of meat in them.

And then there was the bread pudding. It was absolutely perfect. The inside was nice and custardy, it wasn’t too sweet, the sauce was delicious, and best of all, no raisins! One of the best bread puddings I’ve ever had.

Great place and a great lunch today.

640 Frenchmen St., New Orleans, LA 70116 Ph: 504-945-4472

Blaine 5-15-2022

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