Mr. Bubbles Sandwich House, Gretna, LA Report #469

There’s a local food writer named Ian McNulty who once did a piece about places in the New Orleans area where you could get a meal for under $10. This was one of the locations he talked about. Hot sausage po-boys are very popular in New Orleans. He featured the hot sausage banh mi sandwich here.

If you’re driving down the street you won’t see this place. In fact, if you pull into the parking lot you won’t see it! But you definitely will see the Hong Kong market. Once you walk into the front doors then you’ll finally see Mr. Bubbles to your right.

Nowhere to sit and eat here, but there’s a sofa you can get comfy on while you’re waiting for your order. I had to try that hot sausage banh mi. I remember your typical banh mi sandwich being kind of small. To me that is, being greedy and all. So I also ordered a roasted sweet pork one.

%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%

I was wrong about these things being small. They were nice size sandwiches! And both delicious! They’re dressed with a butter aioli, liver pâte, cucumber spears, pickled carrots, red onions, jalapeños, cilantro and soy sauce. Having grown up eating liver cheese I love that liver pâte. I’d gladly eat a sandwich with just that on it.

The hot sausage wasn’t your typical New Orleans type of hot sausage. But, it was definitely sausage, and it was a little spicy. The roast pork was very tender and had a great flavor. The French bread was really fresh.

Great sandwiches. I will be back to try more!

925 Behrman Hwy., #12, Gretna, LA 70056 Ph: 504-570-6377

Blaine 5-23-2022

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