Poche’s, Breaux Bridge, LA Report #473

The drive back from Galveston, TX, to New Orleans is about 6 hours. No human alive can possibly go that long without eating, so we had to make a stop. It’s hard to find good boudin in New Orleans, and once, long ago, I found some that was excellent! I forgot where. But I asked where the boudin came from and they told me they get it from Poche’s in Breaux Bridge. Not long after that I made a trip there to stock up on some and ate at their restaurant. Forgot what I had but I remembered it was very good! So, we decided stop in for lunch.

Breaux Bridge is in Cajun Country. Besides being a restaurant, this is also a market. You can take home all your Cajun favorites. Like the stuffed beef tongue in the 6th picture above. The menu changes daily. They have everything already prepared, and you get served kind of cafeteria style. We decided on Fried chicken, pork roast, dirty rice, sweet potato crunch, French fries, cole slaw, potato salad, and a little crawfish etouffee as a side.

%% THE FOOD %%

Fried chicken, French fries, coleslaw and sweet potato crunch
Roast pork, dirty rice, crawfish etouffee and potato salad

Everything was unbelievably fresh and delicious! There isn’t one thing I could complain about if I wanted too.

I wasn’t really in the mood for seafood, after just pigging out on it over the last two days in Galveston. But Breaux Bridge is known as the crawfish capital of the world, so I had to try their crawfish etouffee. It was outstanding! I could have easily eaten just a huge plate of that.

The pork roast was very tender and juicy. The fried chicken was crisp and well seasoned. All the rest of the sides were done perfectly. I just can’t rave enough about how good everything was!

Almost forgot to mention. I took home a few pounds of boudin! It’s delicious.

This place is fantastic. Stop in and give them a try!

3015 Main Hwy. #A, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 Ph: (337) 332-2108

Blaine 5-26-2022


Road trip today. We ordered a crawfish etouffee plate with peas and potato salad, and a baked chicken plate with fries and potato salad.

*** THE FOOD ***

They don’t skimp on the food. A ton of crawfish etouffee and a half a chicken!

I was disappointed they didn’t have fried chicken, but the baked chicken was seasoned fantasticly and really juicy. Both dishes were absolutely delicious!

Love this place.

3015 Main Hwy. #A, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 Ph: (337) 332-2108




I love coming to a place. They sell food that if you lick, it can lick you back!

The crawfish etouffee is still delicious.

The end.

3015 Main Hwy. #A, Breaux Bridge, LA 70517 Ph: (337) 332-2108

Blaine 1-27-2023


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    1. Boudin is basically a rice dressing in a casing. Mostly rice, but really seasoned well and it also contains pork organ and regular meat. My daddy is from Opelousas, Louisiana, which is a really small town in rural Louisiana. When I was a kid we’d go out there and they’d make red boudin. They’d slit a hogs throat and collect the blood to incorporate in the sausage. The state made that illegal some time ago, so now you can only find white boudin, without the blood.

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