The Crazy Italian, New Orleans, LA Report #475

The last time I was in this place it was Chap’s Chicken, but they ended up moving to Metairie. I liked the fact this space is attached to a convenience store. Back when it was Chap’s, if there was anything you wanted to go with your meal that the restaurant didn’t offer, like beer, hard liquor, a slushie, potato chips, twinkies, ding-dongs, or you name it, you could walk right into the store and buy it. Unfortunately, the store is now closed.

Tiny place without much room for dine in. We saw a lot of to go orders fly out the door while we were there. We decided on:

!!!!!!!!!! THE FOOD !!!!!!!!!!

The boudin eggrolls were very good! Really meaty with a good bit of melted cheese in them. They were served with a yummy, spicy ranch sauce.

The Shrimp Fra Diavolo was great. Some places add a little sugar to their red sauces to cut the acidity of the tomatoes, go too far, and the sauce ends up with a sweetness I hate. This sauce was just right. And the shrimp were a nice size, BUT they leave the tails on. It’s well documented that I’m greedy. I know it looks pretty, but my main goal is to get the food from the plate and into my stomach with the fewest impediments possible. That only slows me down!

I asked our waitress how many slices came with the personal pizza. She said they could cut it into 4 big slices or 6 smaller ones. That sounded sufficient for myself and my dining partner to share, so we went with that instead of a larger pizza.

Good call. Personal my butt! This is a good sized pizza! And it was a delicious pizza! The crust was crisp, but had a nice chewiness to it. Excellent.

Great place! We shall return.

206 W. Harrison Ave., Suite C, New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: (504) 766-7914

Blaine 5-28-2022


9 thoughts on “The Crazy Italian, New Orleans, LA Report #475

  1. I assume it is some sort of fancy food thing that tails get left on in fancier restaurants. I’m with you. Do not make me dig through a saucy meal to remove tails on what would otherwise be something you would just eat with a fork. That is actually one of my pet peeves. Along with lettuce in a salad that is too big to put in your mouth.

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      1. I’m hoping I’ll get down there…maybe job related…I work IT for a restaurant chain that has a store in Gretna and Jennings.

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      2. If I get down there and if you have time…I would love to find a restaurant somewhere and meet. You know the best!

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