Happy Italian Pizzeria, Harahan, LA Report #476

This place is located on a main drag in Harahan, but the way it’s tucked away in a little strip mall you can drive past it and easily not notice it. Even though I don’t get down to Harahan often, I’m speaking from experience. Passed it many times and never noticed it was there. Turns out that was a big mistake. I’ve been missing out on some really good food!

I love the menu. Plenty of unique items on it. I’ve never seen a pizza joint before with a section on the menu for additional toppings you add AFTER the pizza comes out the oven. Stuff like roasted pine nuts (yum), toasted coconut, pork rinds, and even mini chocolate morsels! No idea why you’d want to add that, but if you want it, it’s there! They also have a butternut squash pizza sauce as an option. I have a vegetarian daughter who’d love that.

Another unique item was a Muffaletta Calzone. We had to try that. We also ordered the Shrimp & Pesto Pizza Rolls and pizza fries. My dining partner wanted to try a small Caesar salad, and linguini and meatballs rounded out our order. After all, if an Italian place can’t do meatballs right, why bother coming back?

&&&&& THE FOOD &&&&&

Shrimp & Pesto Pizza Rolls
Pizza Fries
Muffaletta Calzone
Classic Linguini

First of all, I loved their marinara sauce. As I’ve said dozens of times, I hate when places add sugar to their sauce to cut the acidity of the tomatoes, and the sauce ends up with a sweet taste to it. Great sauce here for dipping and the pasta.

My dining partner is a Caesar salad lover. No way in hell I’d come to a place like this and eat rabbit food, but to each his own. She loved it. She said the dressing had a nice, light flavor. I tried it and I had to agree it was good. Then I was immediately back to real food.

The pizza rolls with the shrimp and pesto were delicious.

As far as the pizza fries, if you like fries and you like pizza, you’ll like these!

The Muffaletta Calzone was outstanding. I love sesame seeds. I could eat them like popcorn. Seems like wherever you go people skimp on them. Not here. Look at that calzone in the picture above. A delicious crisp crust simply covered with them! And there was a lot more meat in the calzone than olive salad. I’d definitely order this again.

The meatballs were really good. Well seasoned with just the right amount of breadcrumbs. Great pasta dish.

So I came to a pizzeria and didn’t try the pizza. Everything was so good it’s not like I need any other reason to come back, but next time I will have to get one of their pizzas!

7105 Jefferson Hwy., Harahan, LA 70123 Ph: (504) 305-4666

Blaine 6-4-2022


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