The Wandering Goat, Harahan, LA Report #477

I work with a guy who knows I do a food blog. One night he tells me he’s got a place I just MUST try! Then he tells me it’s this place. I look it up and see it’s a bakery. In another city, a Parish away. And the funny thing is he lives in even another city, two Parishes away! I tell him I’m not driving all the way to Harahan to go to a bakery. So he says there’s also an Italian restaurant right next door.

I look that place up, and it’s called the Happy Italian Pizzeria. The menu looked good, so long story short, we went in today and had a great lunch! Then wandered across the parking lot to try this place.

When we walked in the guy behind the counter was taking a big pan of fresh baked Focaccia bread out the oven. Had the whole place smelling fantastic!

We ended up getting a Turtle, a chocolate dipped and filled Cannoli, a scoop of Bananas Foster Gelato, and a South American cookie called an Alfajor.

(((((((((( THE FOOD ))))))))))

Alfajor and Turtle
Bananas Foster Gelato

My dining partner had the Alfajor, which was a shortbread cookie sandwich with caramel in the middle, and the Turtle. She said both were absolutely delicious! In fact, she said the Turtle was the best one she’d ever had.

I had the Cannoli and the Gelato. Both were fantastic! I asked for one scoop of Gelato, but the guy fixing our order packed at least two good scoops in my cup!

Yummy place. Worth stopping in!

7105 Jefferson Hwy., #D, Harahan, LA 70123 Ph: (504) 915-2400

Blaine 6-4-2022

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