Segnette Landing Restaurant, Westwego, LA Report #480

Besides being an expert eater, I also happen to be a pretty good cook. I’m cooking a chicken dish that also calls for shrimp. About the only time I drive down to Westwego is to go to this place we call the shrimp lot. It’s a big parking lot with seafood vendors on both sides. They sell all sizes of shrimp, from the small ones you’d use for fish bait to jumbos, plus fish, oysters and crawfish, all at very good prices.

The way I refer to Westwego you’d think it’s a really far away land, but it’s not. It would actually be walking distance from New Orleans if the Mississippi River wasn’t in the way! The map above shows how far this place is from my house, so it’s not like it’s a long trip.

This restaurant is right behind the shrimp lot. Looking at it from a distance you’d think it’s just a house, partially hidden from view by a big Cypress tree.

When you walk in, you’re greeted by a little gift shop and a stuffed alligator. Entering the main dining room, I noticed a green, frozen drink concoction on the bar. The bartender told me that was their “Swamp Water”. Besides light and dark rum, I forgot what else was in it. Maybe it’s best if you don’t know.

We decided on a cup of gumbo, the Cajun Board, a seafood platter with a side order of white beans, the Mardi Gras Catfish and bread pudding for dessert.

%%%%%%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%%%%%%

Chicken & sausage Gumbo
Seafood Platter and white beans
Bread Pudding

The gumbo was delicious. I love a dark roux and this fit the bill. It was also seasoned very well with a good amount of meat in it.

The Cajun Board consisted of boudin and hog head cheese with crisp French bread rounds, Creole mustard and sweet pickles. Everything was very good! The hog head cheese was pretty meaty, but the boudin had much more rice than meat. Some people prefer it that way. I’m not a fan of sweet pickles but if you take a piece of that bread, put a chunk of hog head cheese on it, slap some Creole mustard on that and stick a pickle on top, you’ll know you’re living the good life!

My dining partner had the seafood platter and white beans. Both were excellent. Only problem was the fries were cold. She sent them back and they were out with some hot crisp ones in less than 5 minutes.

Unbelievably, I neglected to take a picture of my Mardi Gras Catfish! My dish came out second, so I guess I was so excited to get started eating I just dug in and forgot. But it was pretty good. A hot fried catfish fillet over rice, covered with crawfish etouffee. I enjoyed it.

The bread pudding was fantastic! The perfect texture, nice and custardy, not too sweet, and most importantly, no stupid raisins!

Very good lunch. Next time I need shrimp from the shrimp lot I’ll be back in here dining first!

450 Laroussini St., Westwego, LA 70094 Ph: (504) 900-1901

Blaine 6-18-2022

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