Pizza Domenica, New Orleans, LA Report #484

I had been in the mood for pizza since Friday. That night we had an excellent dinner at a Cajun restaurant named Gabrielle, so no pizza. But I planned to take care of that Saturday night, because we were going to an Italian place called Randazzo’s. Wouldn’t you know I pick maybe the only Italian joint that doesn’t have pizza on the menu? Tonight I had to scratch that pizza itch.

I pass this place pretty often and have admired what a nice-looking restaurant it was from the outside. The inside is even nicer!

We decided on the smoked chicken wings, and a half and half Tutto Carne and Wagyu Bistecca pizza.

%%%%% THE FOOD %%%%%

Our waiter told us the chicken wings weren’t smoked. You could have fooled us. They had a fantastic smokey flavor. He said they rub them with a smoky, Italian seasoning and do them in the pizza oven. We loved them. And the house made ranch sauce was utterly delicious! Our waiter said we should also try the blue cheese sauce when we asked about it, and that was equally good!

If you’re looking for a different take on pizza, get in here. The Wagyu one was drizzled with a green onion sauce instead of traditional tomato sauce. It was very good.

The meat half had a tomato sauce, but not too much. I hate when they overdo pizzas with so much sauce it’s all you can taste. This one had just the right amount.

Good dinner here tonight. Satisfactorily scratched my pizza itch.

117 W. Harrison Ave., New Orleans, LA 70124 Ph: (504) 229-6538

Blaine 6-26-2022


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