The Court Of Two Sisters, New Orleans, LA Report #500

Report #500. When I started doing these blogs, I never imagined I’d get here. And I’m sure the few of y’all that read my work didn’t think so either, considering the rubbish I put out! But a couple things helped me get here. I keep not dying and I love eating, so the numbers keep adding up!

Every 100 reports I do a famous, old, iconic, New Orleans restaurant. 100-400 were Antoine’s, Commander’s Palace, Galatoire’s and Arnaud’s respectively. All of those places are over 100 years old! I started to do another place that is just over 100, but in my opinion it’s not as well-known as The Court of Two Sisters. I’ll save that place for #600. That should be out around the fall of 2023. Stay tuned. You probably won’t be doing anything else.

This place isn’t quite that old, but as I said, it’s a very well-known New Orleans restaurant. It is older than me, and my kids constantly remind me how old and near the grave I am. So, by those standards, I guess it is old. As a side note, if my children keep that up all I’m going to leave them in my will is the password to this blog. They can split THAT three ways!

Even though its doors didn’t open until 1963, this location is just packed full of history, that goes all the way back to 1726! And the building the restaurant is housed in was constructed in 1832. I won’t bore you with a long history lesson, but if you’re interested in learning more, here’s a link:

The restaurant is located on Royal St., which is one block south of the world-famous Bourbon St. If you want you can get good and liquored up on Bourbon, then come in here for some fine dining to soak up all the alcohol in your stomach. That’s if you have class. Most people who get drunk here in the French Quarter just grab a Lucky Dog , which is another iconic New Orleans institution, before heading in to pass out. This is what the stands look like. This one was parked at Bourbon and Toulouse Streets.

Speaking of Bourbon St., parking can be a challenge when coming to the French Quarter. At the time of this writing, they were validating parking at the Sheraton Four Points hotel, located at 541 Bourbon. If you decide to come in, I’d advise calling first to be sure that’s still the case. The entrance to the parking garage is located at 816 Toulouse St. With the validation it was $12.

This restaurant is huge! When you enter off the street you walk through a tunnel. Right before you go through the doors, you encounter the Charm Gates. Supposedly, Queen Isabel had them made and blessed in Spain, and if you touch them, they’ll give you charm. I made sure to avoid them because Lord knows I’m just oozing with charm!

There’s a bar, a couple dining rooms, and a courtyard if you want to dine outside. The place is so big there’s even a couple resident sparrows inside to help keep the floor clean!

In one of the pictures above you’ll see a steam table on the left and a couple large pirogues (Louisiana canoes) on the right. A waiter told me they have a breakfast buffet here featuring 80 items.

We decided on:

+++++ THE FOOD +++++

Crawfish And Shrimp Pasta
Veal Oscar

Both appetizers were very good! I’m a duck lover, but I’ve never had it wrapped in bacon with a slice a jalapeño. Don’t worry about it being too spicy. There’s so much flavor going on with the duck and bacon the spice just blends in nicely with it.

I like a really dark roux with my gumbo, which is more common out in west Louisiana in Cajun country. This gumbo had a lighter roux, but the gumbo was full of flavor. With an adequate amount of chicken and sausage in it. Really yummy.

My dining partner loved the shrimp and crawfish pasta, although she wasn’t happy there were only two shrimp in it. I actually didn’t have to fight her for a taste! The pasta was cooked perfectly, and the sauce was delicious. Not too rich and not too light. Perfect.

My Veal Oscar was fantastic. When our waiter put it in front of me, I started cutting it with my table knife, but a few seconds later he popped up with a steak knife. I took it but didn’t need it. That’s how tender the veal was. Excellent dish.

The Bananas Foster is prepared tableside:

Our waiter started off melting brown sugar in butter, letting that get nice and bubbly, then hit it with some Banana Liqueur, then flamed it up with some Brandy! Cooked the bananas a little then poured it all over some homemade vanilla ice cream. And you could definitely tell it was homemade. Utterly delicious dessert.

Excellent meal for my 500th report. If you plan to come dine in the French Quarter, I highly recommend this place!

613 Royal St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: (504) 522-7261

Blaine 8-12-2022

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