Taqueria Corona, Metairie, LA Report #490

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The original Taqueria Corona opened on Magazine St. in uptown New Orleans back in 1988. I used to work in that area. I ate there once back in the 90’s. Can’t remember if I liked it or not, but for whatever reason I’ve never been back. Tonight, I decided to change that and hit their Metairie location.

We decided on:


The Queso Fundido was described on the menu as, “A concoction of melted white cheeses, flavored with smoky chipotle, green & red peppers, chopped scallions, served with homemade tortilla chips”. We started to order that but saw it also came on a platter with guac and pico. We asked our waitress if it was the same but just a smaller portion, and she said it was. So we went with that.

The trio was very good, but the queso was only melted cheese. No peppers and stuff and stuff in it. But it was really good! So was the pico and guacamole.

My dining partner had the numero uno y medio, with the chicken burrito and shrimp flauta. She said it was fantastic, and the flauta was the best she ever had. I had never tried a shrimp flauta, so in a moment of humanity, she let me have a taste. I agree. Best flauta I ever had!

I had the carne asada, which came with a salad. Our waitress asked if I wanted everything on the salad, and of course I said yes. Unexpectedly, everything included grilled chicken! Also, pico, sour cream and shredded cheedar cheese. It was like a chicken taco salad without the shell. Very good!

My carne asada was delicious. The marinated ribeye steak had a great flavor.

For good measure I also got a shrimp taco. Yummy.

Great Mexican dinner tonight. I recommend this place!

3535 Severn Ave., Metairie, LA 70002 Ph: (504) 885-5088

Blaine 7-11-2022


It’s hot in New Orleans. As I’m typing this at 9:50PM it’s still 85 degrees! So snowball season is in full swing. After our Mexican dinner we came here to get one for dessert.

This snowball stand has been around since 1960. As a kid I’d always get a spearmint snowball, but as I got older, I began liking chocolate ones. We came here because this place has a flavor called Cherry Sip. It’s a chocolate-cherry flavored syrup, and unbelievably delicious! I’ve never seen this flavor anywhere else.

I got my snowball stuffed with vanilla ice cream. They make that by putting some ice in the bottom of the cup, adding syrup, putting the ice cream in, then more ice and syrup.

Try one of these and you’ll be living the good life!

1823 Metairie Ave., Metairie, LA 70005 Ph: (504) 666-1823

Blaine 7-11-2022

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