Evangeline, New Orleans, LA Report #495

I was perusing the internet searching new restaurants to try, and this place caught my eye. Their website claims they have, “The French Quarter’s Best Cajun Cuisine”. Man, that’s quite a claim! So I had to do something I don’t do that often. Slide down into the bowels of the French Quarter and check them out. I am a professional eater, after all. I’ve been doing it my entire life. That’s over a half century of eating experience!

Cute little place right next to a fire station. That’d come in handy if the kitchen blows up. It’s in the Quarter, so of course they have a nice bar. And a very nice courtyard if you’d prefer to dine outside.

When we were seated we were handed Sunday brunch menus. My dining partner decided on the Cajun Breakfast and I got the Crawfish and Grits.


Cajun Breakfast
Crawfish and Grits

I had never seen grits like these before in my life. Normally, grits are white. These were cayenne pepper colored! And when you tasted them, you knew why. Very highly seasoned! A lot of places in the French Quarter tone down their seasonings so they won’t injure or shock tourist too bad, but here they just let it rip!

My dining partner loved the Cajun Breakfast. She’s a biscuit connoisseur and said this one was fantastic.

Shrimp and grits is a very popular dish, but for some unknown reason you never see crawfish and grits on a menu. That’s why I had to order them. Outstanding! I loved the spicy grits, and the dish was loaded with crawfish in a good, creamy sauce.

If you find yourself in the French Quarter I recommend this place!

329 Decatur St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: (504) 373-4852

Blaine 7-31-2022

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