Blaze Pizza, New Orleans, LA Report #497

I didn’t know this place existed. We came down here into the CBD to have the COOLinary lunch at Willa Jean. After waiting for a bit to be seated, we were told they weren’t doing the COOlinary lunch today! And they couldn’t tell us why. Well, we had to feed a parking meter to park down here, so I was determined not to let that money go to waste and eat somewhere nearby.

We didn’t have far to walk. This place was a couple doors down. And luck would have it we hadn’t had pizza in a while, and were in the mood for it!

Nice modern looking spacious place. They make your pizza to order. You won’t see some Italian guy throwing pizza dough in the air, but behind the counter there’s a big tray full of round balls of pizza dough. Next to it there’s a red machine that presses the dough into your soon to be pizza crust. You can literally watch your pizza being born right before your eyes! I actually enjoyed watching this more than the birth of my first child. That was really messy and gross. He’s 34 now and I still haven’t fully forgiven him for traumatizing me.

Anyway, we both decided on the “Take Two”. A half of a pizza with a Caesar salad. My dining partner got the Meat Eater and I got the Hot Link pizza.

+++++ THE FOOD +++++

Hot Link
Meat Eater

My dining partner saw Kalamata olives on the ingredients bar and asked to have it added to her salad. I saw roasted garlic toes on the bar and asked to have them added to my pizza. They happily did both, without charging us extra. That’s the kind of great customer service that keeps you coming back!

The salads and pizza were very good! I like a crisp crust on my pizzas, and this fit the bill. Not too much tomato sauce, and an adequate amount of toppings.

One thing to note is they have an O’Keefe Ave. address but driving down O’Keefe you won’t see the restaurant. The entrance is around the corner on Girod St.

Glad I found this place. I shall return!

611 O’Keefe Ave., New Orleans, LA 70113 Ph: (504) 323-4259

Blaine 8-6-2022


5 thoughts on “Blaze Pizza, New Orleans, LA Report #497

  1. I have had the pizza there berfore and it was good. My problem was I couldn’t find the place. I literally walked right in front of the place and didn’t know it was the place, lol


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