We Dat’s Chicken & Shrimp, Gretna, LA Report #501


Have I fallen on hard times? Going from dining at The Court of Two Sisters last night to eating in the food court in the Oakwood Mall in Gretna, La., today? Or did I blow my life savings last night and this is all I can afford now?

Nope. Not quite. But you may be wondering why I’m reviewing a place in a mall food court. Because they have other locations that are sit down, dine in restaurants. Including one on world famous Canal St. in New Orleans. This one just happens to be the closest to my house.

Besides fried seafood and chicken, they also sell their line of seasonings and sauce.

We decided on fried shrimp with fries, and a 10 piece wing plate with fries and a drink. After some discussion, we went with sweet red chili sauce on the wings. A little more on that later.

========== THE FOOD ==========

You get 8 big shrimp on the shrimp plate. Very good. Seasoned well and fried nice and crisp. The fries are good too. They sprinkle their seasoning on them instead of just salt if you want.

The chicken wings are also pretty big! They were delicious with that sweet red chili sauce.

Then, I noticed something. Over the years I’ve been conditioned to pay close attention to the amount of food in our order. My dining partner is always trying to get over on me and sneak more food than her share.

So, after I ate a few wings, I stopped and counted them. We ordered a 10 piece and only had 9! I checked the area, and made her turn her pockets inside out, to be sure she wasn’t hiding any bones anywhere after eating an extra one, and she hadn’t. So I went back to the counter to let them know we got shorted.

They said no problem and asked what kind of sauce I wanted on this one. Earlier, I debated trying their Wuzzam sauce, and this was my chance. Instead of one wing they gave us two flats.

The Wuzzam sauce was delicious! It’s their version of traditional Buffalo sauce. I really liked it.


If you do decide to come to this mall, there’s also a Café du Monde in here so you can grab some beignets for dessert!

197 Westbank Expressway, Gretna, LA 70053 Ph: (504) 218-0501

Blaine 8-13-2022

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