The Midway Pizza, New Orleans, LA Report #504

I heard this place specializes in New Orleans style deep dish pizzas. I didn’t know such a thing existed! I know Chicago is famous for them. I’ve never really been a deep dish guy. I like thin and crispy crust. But, if that’s what this place is known for, I figured I’d give it a try.

Spacious joint with a nice bar. We decided on some buffalo wings, mozzarella sticks, and two specialty deep dish pizzas. The Uptown Meatdown and the Mr. Hughes.


Uptown Meatdown
Mr. Hughes

The buffalo wings were fantastic! Huge, meaty and soaked with a tasty buffalo sauce.

I’m not really a fan of mozzarella sticks, but my dining partners are. I always think of that joke:

(q) Do you want to eat 6 cheese sticks? (a) OF COURSE NOT! (q) What if I bread them, deep fry them and give you some Marinara to dip them in? (a) Yes, please.

But I gave one a try. It was very good! And I loved their Marinara dipping sauce.

I’m quite carnivorous, but I don’t like meat lovers type pizzas. All that meat makes the pizza too greasy in my opinion. But my two dining partners tonight love them, so they split a 14 inch Uptown Meatdown. They loved it! If you’re a meat lover this one won’t disappoint you. And they had plenty leftover to take home.

I had the 10 inch Mr. Hughes. One of the tastiest pizzas I’ve ever had. And after the apps, I also had leftovers. These deep dish pizzas are quite filling!

Delicious dinner here tonight. I reccomend this place!

4725 Freret St., New Orleans, LA 70115 Ph: (504) 322-2815

Blaine 8-20-2022


10 thoughts on “The Midway Pizza, New Orleans, LA Report #504

      1. I had always heard Chicago was famous for deep dish and NY was famous for thin crust. In 2008, I went to Newport, RI to do some Navy duty. I had never been that far north in my life. While I was up there I figured I’d do something I had never done. See a Broadway play. So I got tickets to one and rode an Amtrak train to New York. I was astounded to discover the Amtrak trains ran on the subway tracks through the city! I got off the train, went up a stairway and was smack dab in NY city! First thing I saw was a pizza parlor. Went straight in and got a slice of thin crust pizza. It was fantastic.


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