Espiritu, New Orleans, LA Report #506

I was perusing restaurants online and this one got some pretty good reviews. It’s described as a, “Breezy, bohemian-style hangout serving Mexican classics like tacos & tortas, plus mezcal & tequila”. I had no idea what “bohemian-style” was, but it sounded good to me! So we came on in.

Nice looking little place. I had actually been in this building before about 10 years ago when it was a restaurant named Capedeville. That place was great but closed down about 5 years ago. They’ve got some weird artwork hanging on the walls. A lot of it for sale.

There were three different salsas on the menu. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted, so we ordered their flight of three. We also got the Creole queso, a crispy shrimp and carne asada taco, a carne asada torta, and a side of elote street corn.

%%% LA COMIDA %%%

Salsa Flight
Creole Queso
Tacos & Elote
Carne Asada Torta

The salsa flight, from left to right (which is also mild to hot), consisted of a guajillo roasted tomato salsa, roasted tomatillo salsa, and mango habanero salsa.

The middle one was our favorite. None were earth shatteringly spicy. The mango habanero one had a great mango flavor, and the heat was kind of sneaky. You didn’t taste any at first, then it crept up on you. Still, nothing to be scared of.

I liked the crawfish queso because it was really sour creamy. I can eat sour cream out the tub! I thought this was more of a sour cream dip than a cheese dip. You could taste a little crawfish flavor, but there wasn’t much crawfish tail meat in it. Maybe they were chopped up in really small pieces, but I didn’t get one whole tail in the half I ate. Unless somehow my dining partner stole them all without me noticing.

Both tacos were good. The crispy shrimp were unbelievably crispy! And the street corn was very good.

The carne asada sandwich was delicious but could have definitely used more meat. The bread was nice and fresh. I asked for some ketchup and mayo to dip my fries in, and they brought me a chipotle mayo. Yummy,

Pretty good dinner here tonight.

520 Capedeville St., New Orleans, LA 70130 Ph: (504) 267-4975

Blaine 9-1-2022

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