Ben’s Pizza, Arabi, LA Report #527

One reason Louisiana is known as a sportsman’s paradise is because we’ve got some of the best fishing in the world. From right here in St. Bernard Parish you can do everything from freshwater perch jerking to deep sea tuna fishing.

I love fishing but hadn’t been in a long time. I decided to take a drive down here to try my luck. Figured I could easily manage to catch a few speckled trout and come home to make a nice fried fish poboy for lunch!

How did the fishing trip go? I decided on pizza for lunch, and stopped here.

Tiny little place. Three booths and three tables make up the dining room. I ordered a half dozen hot tamales and a 9″ pizza with pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms and onions.

===== THE FOOD =====

My daughter would have loved these tamales. She’s a vegetarian and likes to eat just the masa (basically corn flour) off the outside of tamales, and leave the meat in the middle. These had no meat in the middle. That wasn’t great for me because I am quite carnivorous. Needless to say, I wouldn’t order them again.

The pizza was great! I love a really crisp crust and this one fit that bill. They use canned mushrooms, but I’m ok with that. Very good.

Even if I don’t fail miserably on my next fishing trip, I may stop back in to grab a pizza to go!

7414 St. Claude Ave., Arabi, LA 70032 Ph: (504) 279-1164

Blaine 12-10-2022


9 thoughts on “Ben’s Pizza, Arabi, LA Report #527

      1. Thats the way it is sometimes I guess. Do you usually fish in fresh water or salt water? I’ve recently seen guys down there catching those crabs and grilling them.

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